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This site provides an interactive guide to the trees in Bristol and surrounds.
Currently there are 70,110 live trees in the database and 71,886 including stumps, of which 17,525 are street trees.
The trees cover 1,126 species, varieties and cultivars on 2,701 sites.
Based on the CAVAT method using the current value of £15.88 / sq cm cross-section with a CTI factor of 150% for Bristol, a functional value of 75% and an average life expectancy of 40-80 years, the full collection of trees are worth £1,473,098,390.

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There are 854 tree sites available to sponsor. Here is a List and map of available sites
We are building a collection of special trees in Bristol - trees that are special because of their age, size, character, their importance to communities, their history or their species. Please send us your suggestions.

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We would like to acknowledge all those who have shared their data and their time, without whom this project would not be possible.
If you have any queries or comments on the project, time to help validate the data, or collections of data to share, please get in touch.


This project is a work by Chris Wallace and Mark Ashdown of the Bristol Tree Forum. See About for more information.