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Finding all the trees of a species

e.g. to get a list of all Oaks (Quercus robur)
  1. Click on Species
  2. Scroll down to Quercus robur ( you can also use the search box)
  3. There are two numbers shown - the first (bigger number) is of all Quercus robur and cultivars, the second of just Quercus robur excluding cultivars
  4. Click on the first number to get the list and map of all these trees
  5. To find the largest Oak in Bristol, click on the Girth heading - twice - to get the trees sorted into descending girth order
  6. Click on the ID (RB-1) of the tree in the list or the map marker to view details of the largest Oak

Listing the trees in a collection

e.g. All Tree Protection Orders
  1. Click on Collections in the menu bar.
  2. This lists the tree collections which are included.
  3. Click on a selected collection to see the collection details
  4. Click on Trees in the submenu bar to list and map all the trees in the collection
  5. Click on Species to analyse the trees in this collection by species

Finding all the trees near a location

  1. Click on Search in the menu bar
  2. Enter an address to position the map marker and click Lookup, or zoom the map and centre the marker
  3. This enters latitude and longitude values in the form
  4. You can drag the red marker around to update the latitude and longitude
  5. Enter a suitable range in meters in the within box
  6. Add any other restrictions to the query
  7. Click Search for Trees

Data collection

We would like to add new collections of trees to the database. Data can be accepted in a number of formats and converted to the internal representation when loaded but if collecting new data, these notes on the data requirements and format will be helpful.


Editing of trees, species and sites requires registration which at present is by invitation. Email to register as an editor.