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CAVAT value : £735,381
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Tree Id Common Name Girth
Site Description
BCC-214893  Tulip TreeLiriodendron tulipifera Stoke HillStoke Bishop        
BCC-281784  Silver BirchBetula pendula Stoke Park RoadStoke Bishop        
BCC-59633  Box ElderAcer negundo 135 Stoke HillStoke Bishop        
BCC-62054  Cherry PlumPrunus cerasifera 'Pissardii' 88 Druid RoadStoke Bishop        
BCC-62055  Tulip TreeLiriodendron tulipifera 82 Druid RoadStoke Bishop        
BCC-62143  Box ElderAcer negundo 141 Stoke Park RoadStoke Bishop        
BCC-62144  Box ElderAcer negundo 163 Stoke Park RoadStoke Bishop        
BCC-62145  Stoke Park RoadStoke Bishop     Stump   
BCC-62146  Stoke Park RoadStoke Bishop     Stump   
BCC-62147  Box ElderAcer negundo 82 Stoke Park RoadStoke Bishop        
BCC-62148  Common AshFraxinus excelsior 264 Stoke Park RoadStoke Bishop        
BCC-62149  Common HawthornCrataegus monogyna 79 Stoke Park RoadStoke Bishop        
BCC-62150  SycamoreAcer pseudoplatanus 126 Stoke Park RoadStoke Bishop        
BCC-62151  Common AshFraxinus excelsior 57 Stoke Park RoadStoke Bishop        
BCC-62152  Common AshFraxinus excelsior 110 Stoke Park RoadStoke Bishop        
BCC-62347  Horse ChestnutAesculus hippocastanum 314 Eastmead LaneStoke Bishop        
RB-SP-25  Monterey CypressCupressus macrocarpa Stoke Hill : Private       Very large. Widely used as hed  ...
RB-SP-42  WellingtoniaSequoiadendron giganteum 490 St Marys church : Private       This was the 1860s status tree  ...
RB-SP-46  WellingtoniaSequoiadendron giganteum St Marys church : Private       A twin. This was the 1860s sta  ...
TPO-085-T1  BeechFagus sylvatica Stoke Bishop        
TPO-085-T10  LimeTilia petiolaris Stoke Bishop        
TPO-085-T11  California RedwoodSequoia sempervirens Stoke Bishop        
TPO-085-T12  HollyIlex aquifolium Stoke Bishop        
TPO-085-T2  London PlanePlatanus x hispanica Stoke Bishop        
TPO-085-T3  ThujaThuja plicata Stoke Bishop        
TPO-085-T4  Silver BirchBetula pendula Stoke Bishop        
TPO-085-T5  YewTaxus baccata Stoke Bishop        
TPO-085-T6  HollyIlex aquifolium Stoke Bishop        
TPO-085-T7  Lawson CypressChamaecyparis lawsoniana Stoke Bishop        
TPO-085-T8  Atlas CedarCedrus atlantica Stoke Bishop        
TPO-085-T9  Lebanon CedarCedrus libani Stoke Bishop        
TPO-092-T21  Lawsons CyprseeChamaecyparis lawsoniana Stoke Bishop        
TPO-092-T22  YewTaxus baccata Stoke Bishop        
TPO-092-T23  OakQuercus robur Stoke Bishop        
TPO-092-T24  YewTaxus baccata Stoke Bishop        
TPO-092-T25  BeechFagus sylvatica Stoke Bishop        
TPO-092-T26  Lawson CypressChamaecyparis lawsoniana Stoke Bishop        
TPO-092-T27  YewTaxus baccata Stoke Bishop        
TPO-092-T28  YewTaxus baccata Stoke Bishop        
TPO-092-T29  Indian CedarCedrus deodara Stoke Bishop        
TPO-092-T30  HollyIlex aquifolium Stoke Bishop        
TPO-092-T31  YewTaxus baccata Stoke Bishop        
TPO-092-T32  ThujaThuja plicata Stoke Bishop        
TPO-092-T33  Indian CedarCedrus deodara Stoke Bishop        
TPO-092-T34  Indian CedarCedrus deodara Stoke Bishop        
TPO-092-T35  WellingtoniaSequoiadendron giganteum Stoke Bishop        
TPO-092-T36  YewTaxus baccata Stoke Bishop        
TPO-092-T37  LimeTilia platyphyllos Stoke Bishop        
TPO-115-T1  Copper BeechFagus sylvatica 'Purpurea' Stoke Bishop        
TPO-1185-T1  Tisp Stoke Bishop     Group   
TPO-1185-T1  Tisp Stoke Bishop     Group   
TPO-186-T1  Lawson CypressCupressus lawsoniana Stoke Bishop        
TPO-438-T1  AshFraxinus excelsior Stoke Bishop        
TPO-438-T1  AshFraxinus excelsior Stoke Bishop        
TPO-713-T1  Weeping WillowSalix alba 'Tristis' Stoke Bishop