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147 Sites with an area of 186.91 hectares.

Name Sitecode Ward Tree Count Local Plan
Access to Whitefield Road Allotments ACCEWHROAL   E05010897 0
Alderman Moores Allotments ALD   E05010887 0 ROS03001
Arlington Road Allotments ARL   E05010890 0 ROS06002
Ash Grove Allotments AGA   E05010903 0
Ashley Down Association Allotments ADA   E05010888 0 ROS04001
Ashley Vale Allotments ASH   E05010888 31 ROS04001
Ashley Vale Association Allotments ASA   E05010885 0 ROS01001
Atwood Drive Allotments ATW   E05010886 2 NPA
BMX Skate Park BCC-3496   E05010886 NPA
Barracks Lane Allotments BAR   E05010886 0
Bath Road Allotments BAT   E05010891 48 Green Belt
Beaufort Road Allotments BEA   E05010911 9 ROS29001
Bedminster Down Allotments And Smallholdings BDS   E05010889 1 LGS05002,Green Belt
Bedminster Down C Allotments BDC   E05010889 20 LGS05002,Green Belt
Bell Hill Allotments BEL   E05010910 0 ROS28004
Bifield Road Allotments BIF   E05010915 0
Birch Field Allotments BIR   E05010909 0 ROS25001
Bishopsworth Allotments BIS   E05010889 6 ROS05002
Bourchier Gardens Allotments BOU   E05010900 0
Bournville Allotments WSMTC-2  * 20
Bower Ashton Allotments BOW   E05010887 0 Green Belt
Briavels Grove Community Allotments BRI   E05010885 0 ROS01010
Broadfield Road Allotments BRD   E05010906 2 ROS22002
Brook Road Allotments BRK   E05010899 1 ROS15004
Brooklea Allotments BRO   E05010890 14 ROS06004
Burnham Road Allotments BURNROAL   E05010886 2
Canford B Allotments CAB   E05010917 4 ROS33003
Canford E Allotments CAE   E05010917 7 ROS33005
Chalet Gardens CGS   E05010890 34 ROS06007
Charlton Road Allotments CHA   E05010901 2 ROS17005
Clancys Farm Allotments CFA   E05010918 0 ROS34017
Clapton Walk - Land South East Of Sea Mills Bristol BCC-7112   E05010916 LGS32010
Clay Bottom Allotments CLA   E05010897 0 ROS13006
College Road Allotments COL   E05010899 12 ROS15005
Colstons Field Allotments COS   E05010897 0 ROS13007
Compton Drive - Allotment Gardens BCC-3650   E05010886 ROS02001
Cotman Walk Allotments BCC-60919   E05010908 ROS24002,NPA
Cranbrook Road Allotments CRA   E05010909 2 ROS25002
Craydon Grove Allotments CRG   E05010915 0
Dangerfield Avenue Allotments DAN   E05010889 4
Dingle View - Gardens Rear Of 18-22 BCC-6629   E05010916
Dovercourt Road Allotments DOV   E05010908 1 ROS24004,NPA
Dovercourt Road Allotments - No 2 BCC-3067   E05010908 NPA
Downend Road Allotments DOW   E05010908 0 ROS24009
Dubbers Lane Allotments DUB   E05010897 0 ROS13009
Elberton Road Former Allotments ELBEROFOAL   E05010886 2
Enterprise Allotments ENT   E05010889 2 ROS05005
Falcondale Road Allotments FAL   E05010917 9 ROS33009
Fortfield Road Allotments FOR   E05010902 0 NPA
Gifford Road Allotments GIF   E05010901 0
Goffenton Drive Allotments GOF   E05010899 8 ROS15010
Golden Hill Allotments GOL   E05010888 0 ROS04003
Gordon Road Community Allotments GOR   E05010896 0
Goulston Road Allotments GOU   E05010900 3 ROS16003
Grittleton Road Allotments GRI   E05010904 0 ROS20003
Half Acre Lane Allotments HAL   E05010902 5 NPA
Hawkfield Meadow HAWKME   E05010902 0 NPA
Hazelbury Road Allotments HAZEROOS   E05010915 0 ROS31003
Headley Lane Allotments HEA   E05010889 0 ROS05004
Headley Lane Land at HEL   E05010889 0 ROS05004
High Grove Allotments HIG   E05010886 0 ROS02007
Highridge Road Grazing Land at HRR   E05010900 0
Hillside Allotments HIL   E05010910 1 ROS28004
Hope Allotments HOP   E05010911 0 ROS29003
Hopewell Gardens - Allotment Land BCC-5465   E05010886 NPA
Horfield A Allotments HOA   E05010908 0 ROS24009
Horfield B Allotments HOB   E05010908 0 ROS24009
Hudds Hill Field HUD   E05010910 0 ROS28005
Hudds Hill Field HUS   E05010910 0 ROS28005
Hutton Moor Allotments WSMTC-8  * 32
Ilchester Crescent - Allotment Land BCC-7921   E05010889 Unmapped
Kenmare Road Allotments KEN   E05010898 8 ROS14006,NPA
Kennel Lodge 1 Allotments KE1   E05010887 0 Green Belt
Kennel Lodge 2 Allotments KE2   E05010887 0 Green Belt
Kersteman Road Allotments KER   E05010909 13 ROS25002
Kewstoke Allotments WSMTC-10  * 6
Latimer Close Former Allotment LAT   E05010890 0
Layfield Allotments LAY   E05010886 0 ROS02010
Lockleaze Allotments LOC   E05010908 0
Lynmouth Road Allotments BCC-136586   E05010885 ROS01004
Malmesbury Close Allotments MAL   E05010909 0
Marling Road Stables MAR   E05010910 0 ROS28002
Marshfield Road Allotments MAS   E05010903 0 ROS19010
Meadow Allotments MEA   E05010887 0 ROS03002
Metford Road Allotments MET   E05010909 0 ROS25004
Molesworth Drive Allotments MOL   E05010900 10 ROS16009
Monsdale Drive Allotments MON   E05010901 0 ROS17010
Myrtle Hall C Allotments MYC   E05010886 3 ROS02011
Netham Allotments NET   E05010912 1 ROS30003
New Brooklea Allotments NEW   E05010891 11 ROS07003
Newland Road Allotments BCC-6805   E05010900
Novers Common NOVECOSTOS   E05010898 4 LGS14002,NPA
Oatlands Avenue Allotments OAT   E05010902 6 NPA
Old Mill Way Allotments WSMTC-17  * 8
Packers Allotments PAC   E05010896 0 ROS12013
Packers Annexe Allotments PAA   E05010896 0 ROS12002
Park Allotments PGF   E05010890 15 ROS06012
Pendock Road Allotments PEN   E05010899 0 ROS15014
Perretts Park Allotments PER   E05010918 2 ROS34010
Plummers Hill Allotments PLU   E05010912 7 ROS30004
Rectors Way Allotments WSMTC-18  * 50
Redcatch E Allotments BEC1   E05010906 0 ROS22007,NPA
Redford Crescent Open Space REDFCROS   E05010900 0 Green Belt
Redland Green Allotments REG   E05010909 2 ROS25004
Redpits Allotments WSMTC-19  * 18
Rock Allotments ROC   E05010890 0 ROS06015
Royate Hill Allotments ROY   E05010897 1 ROS13021
Salisbury Avenue Allotments SAL   E05010910 0 ROS28008
Sea Mills Signal Station Allotments SEA   E05010916 8 ROS32007
Sir John's Lane Allotments SIR   E05010908 3 ROS24024,NPA
Snowdon Road Allotments SNO   E05010897 0 ROS13022
Southmead Allotments SOU   E05010913 0 ROS26010
Speedwell A Allotments SPA   E05010912 0 ROS30006
Speedwell Allotments SPE   E05010897 5 ROS13024
Springfield Allotments SPR   E05010906 8 ROS22009,NPA
St Aidens Allotments AID   E05010911 17 ROS29005
St George A Allotments SGA   E05010912 2 ROS30004
St Giles Allotments STG   E05010902 1 NPA
St Johns Crescent Allotments STJ   E05010918 0 ROS34018
St Peters Rise Allotments STP   E05010889 2 ROS05014
Stanley Terrace Allotments STN   E05010887 0
Stapleton Allotments STA   E05010899 14 Green Belt
Stibbs Hill Allotments STI   E05010911 1 ROS29006
Stibbs Hill Association Allotments SHA   E05010910 0 ROS28010
Stoke Lane - Land North Of M32 BCC-4027   E05010908 NPA
Stoke Lane Allotments STO   E05010917 0 ROS33017
Sturminster Road Allotments STU   E05010915 0 ROS31009
Swanmoor Crescent Allotments SWA   E05010901 0 ROS17013
Sylvan Way Former Allotments R-O 31 - 47 SYLVWAFOAL   E05010886 21
Talbot Avenue Allotments TAA   E05010910 10 ROS28011
Talbot Road Allotments TAL   E05010891 3 ROS07005
Thingwall Park Allotments THI   E05010897 7 ROS13025
Tormarton Crescent Allotments TOR   E05010901 7
Troopers Hill The Farm Allotments TRO   E05010910 0 ROS28012
Trymside Allotments TRY   E05010916 1
Tynings Field Allotments TYN   E05010886 1 ROS02018
Vale Lane Allotments - North BCC-9170   E05010889 Unmapped
Vale Lane Allotments - South ROS05011   E05010889 ROS05011
Wedmore Vale Allotments WED   E05010906 2 ROS22012,NPA
Wessex Avenue Allotments WES   E05010904 0 ROS20001
Wessex Avenue BT Allotments WBT   E05010904 0 ROS20009
White City Allotments WHC   E05010887 0 ROS03017
Whitefield Road Allotments WHI   E05010897 0 ROS13026
Whittock Road Allotments WHR   E05010915 0 ROS31012
Wickham Hill Allotments WIC   E05010897 6 ROS13027
Woodcroft Road Allotments WOC   E05010890 0 ROS06017
Woodwell Road Allotments WOD   E05010886 0 ROS02019