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24 Sites with an area of 14.24 hectares.

Name Sitecode Ward Tree Count Local Plan
Bangrove Walk CPG BANGWACPG   E05010886 0 NPA
Brook Street CPG BROOSTCP   E05010896 10 ROS12006
Charles Place Childrens Play Ground CHARPLHO   E05010905 2 ROS21004
Dalrymple Road Childrens Play Ground DALRROCP   E05010885 3
Eastwood Road Childrens Play Ground EASTRDCP   E05010890 0
Embleton Road CPG EMBLROCP   E05010913 5
Emerson Square CPG EMERSQ   E05010908 0
Fallodon Way Childrens Play Ground FALLWACP   E05010917 21 ROS33010
Felix Road Adventure Playground FELIROAP   E05010907 13
Filwood Broadway MUGA FILWBRMU   E05010898 3
Gladstone Street CPG GLADSTCP   E05010912 3
Gullybrook Lane CPG BARTHIHO  * E05010907 4
High Kingsdown Flats CPG HIGHKIFLCP   E05010895 10
Horfield Wheels Park HORFWHPA   E05010904 0
Lockleaze Adventure Playground LOCKAD   E05010908 17 ROS24014
Newquay Road Childrens Play Ground NEWQROCP   E05010906 18
Novers Park Road Childrens Play Ground NOVEPAROCP   E05010898 0 ROS14008,NPA
Penfield Road Childrens Play Ground PENFRO   E05010885 12
Southmead Adventure Playground SOUTHADPL   E05010913 10
St Judes Flats CPG STJUFLCPG   E05010907 2 NPA
St Pauls Adventure Playground STPAADPL   E05010885 12
Stoke Lodge Playing Field CPG STOKLOPFCP   E05010916 0
Walker Close CPG WALKCLCPG   E05010907 2
Withers Lane CPG SYMEAVCP   E05010900 3