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21 Sites with an area of 74.62 hectares.

Name Sitecode Ward Tree Count Local Plan
Arnos Vale ARNOVACE   E05010906 858 LGS22001
Avonview Cemetery AVONCE   E05010912 224 ROS30001
Brunswick Square Cemetery BRUNSQCE   E05010885 23 LGS01003
Canford Cemetery CANFCE   E05010917 677 ROS33004
Cemetery at Oakdene Ave ROS13005   E05010897 ROS13005
Friends Burial Ground FRIEBUGR   E05010892 25 LGS08002,NPA
Greenbank Cemetery GREECE   E05010897 419 LGS13004
Hebron Road disused burial ground BCC-125386   E05010887 ROS03006
Henbury Cemetery HENBCE   E05010886 33
Milton Rd Cemetery WSMTC-160  *
Milton Rd Cemetery - Lower Area East WSMTC-13  * 105
Milton Rd Cemetery - Lower Area West WSMTC-14  * 118
Milton Rd Cemetery - Upper Area TC WSMTC-15  * 121
Milton Rd Cemetery - Upper Area TU WSMTC-16  * 59
Ridgeway Park Cemetery RIDGPACE   E05010897 25 ROS13019
Shirehampton Cemetery SHIRCE   E05010886 75 ROS02015
South Bristol Cemetery SOUTBRCE   E05010889 451
St Johns Burial Ground STJOBUGR   E05010918 57 ROS34015
St Mary Redcliffe Cemetery STMARECE   E05010891 74 ROS07004
St Phillips and St Jacobs Burial Ground STPHSTJABU   E05010892 32 NPA
Strangers Burial Ground STRABUGR   E05010893 7 ROS09018