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13 Sites with an area of 5.17 hectares.

Name Sitecode Ward Tree Count Local Plan
Clifton Parish Churchyard CLIFPACH   E05010893 157 LGS09004
Henbury Churchyard HENBCH   E05010901 0 ROS17006
St Johns Churchyard (Central) STJOCHCE   E05010892 7 ROS08006
St Johns Churchyard (South) STJOCHSO   E05010914 64 ROS27004
St Marys Church STMARY  * E05010886 29 ROS15016
St Michaels on the Mount Without STMIONTHMO   E05010892 8
St Pauls Churchyard (South) STPACHSO   E05010914 20 ROS05012
St Pauls Churchyard Disused Burial Ground ROS27005   E05010914 ROS27005
St Peters Churchyard STPECH   E05010889 26
St Stephens Churchyard STSTCH   E05010892 8 ROS08008
St. Mary Redcliffe ROS08007   E05010892 ROS08007
Stapleton Churchyard STAPCH   E05010897 10
Ullswater Road Pentecostal Church ULLSROPECH   E05010913 1