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Dogs run free

Areas where dogs are allowed off leads in Bristol BCC list (under construction)

8 Sites with an area of 17.73 hectares.

Name Sitecode Ward Tree Count Local Plan
Avonmouth Park AVONPA   E05010886 88 LGS02001
Lamplighters Open Space LAMPOPSP   E05010886 39 LGS02004
Mina Road Park MINAROPA   E05010885 75 LGS01006
Montpelier Park MONTPA   E05010885 39 LGS01007
Narroways Millennium Green MINAROMIGR   E05010885 1 LGS01008
Nibley Road Open Space NIBLROOS   E05010886 67 LGS02004
St Agnes Park STAGPA   E05010885 42 LGS01012
St Werburghs Park 4549921   E05010885 7