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23 Sites with an area of 8.39 hectares.

Name Sitecode Ward Tree Count Local Plan
Arlington Villas Park ARLIVI   E05010894 24 LGS10001
Blaise Plant Nursery BLAISENURS   E05010886 Deleted Site
Camden Terrace Open Space ROS09002   E05010893 ROS09002
Clarence Place 4540892   E05010892 1
Clifton Park Garden Clifton_Park_Garden   E05010893 1 ROS09019
Filton Community Garden Filton_Community_Garden  * 0
Goldney House GOLDNEYHSE  * E05010893 LGS09005
Land Rear of 3-65 Martock Road MARTRDLAND   E05010898 Deleted Site
Land at Richmond Lane ROS09010   E05010893 ROS09010
Land at Windsor Place and the Paragon ROS09011   E05010893 ROS09011
Land off Princes Lane, Clifton ROS09012  * E05010893 ROS09012
Mall Gardens MALLGA   E05010893 87 LGS09008
Meg Thatchers Gardens MEGTHGA   E05010910 9 LGS28002
Montague Place 4550884   E05010895 3
Moorend Gardens 4549138   E05010886 4 NPA
Sanctuary Gardens SANTGA   E05010916 22
Sion Hill Open Space LGS09010   E05010893 LGS09010
South Parade Gardens ROS10002   E05010894 ROS10002
St Vincent Rocks STVINCENT  * E05010893
Terrell Gardens 4557487   E05010912 4
The Holmes The_Holmes  * E05010916 124
Worcester Crescent Open Space LGS09009   E05010893 LGS09009
Worcester Terrace Garden ROS09020   E05010893 ROS09020