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Nature Reserve

27 Sites with an area of 137.62 hectares.

Name Sitecode Ward Tree Count Local Plan
Abbots Pool Abbots_Pool  * 0
Avon New Cut NEWCU   E05010914 1 NPA
Avon Valley Woodlands Avon_Valley_Woodlands  * 0
Badock's Wood BADOWOBOGD   E05010913 46 LGS26001
Bennett's Patch Bennetts_Patch   E05010916 0 LGS32001
Bishops Knoll S-BK   E05010916 36 LGS32003
Callington Road Nature Reserve CALLROOS   E05010891 1 LGS07002
Coombe Brook Valley COOMBRVA   E05010897 3 LGS13002
Eastwood Farm EASTFAINCO   E05010890 74 Green Belt
Gorse Covert Gorse_Covert  * 0
Henbury Conservation Area HENBCOAR   E05010901 6 LGS17003
Justin's Meadow Justins_Meadow  * 0
Land Adjacent to railway line and Avon Gorge and Bishop's Knoll Wood LGS32004   E05010916 LGS32004
Lawrence Weston Moor LAWRWESMO   E05010886 1 NPA
Leap Valley Leap_Valley  * 0
Leigh Woods Leigh_Woods  * 411
Manor Woods Valley MANOWO   E05010889 148 LGS05006
Narroways Millennium Green MINAROMIGR   E05010885 1 LGS01008
New Cut Local Nature Reserve LGS27003   E05010914 LGS27003
Nightingale Valley NIGHVA   E05010891 20 LGS07003
Old Sneed Park Nature Reserve GLENPA   E05010916 4 LGS32005
Royate Hill Nature Reserve ROYAHINARE   E05010897 6 LGS13008
Splatts Abbey Wood Splatts_Abbey_Wood  * 0
St Annes Wood STANWO   E05010890 13 ROS06016
The Grove 4547411  * E05010916 3
Three Brooks Three_Brooks  * 0
Troopers Hill Nature Reserve TROOHICRHO   E05010911 0 LGS29004