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21 Sites with an area of 24.08 hectares.

Name Sitecode Ward Tree Count Local Plan
Brean Down Avenue Footpath 4513036   E05010917 40
Bristol and Bath Cycle Path ROS15003   E05010899 ROS15003
Bristol and Bath Railway Path south of Kingsmarsh House BCC-76031   E05010907 ROS23005
Bristol-Bath Cycle Path (Central) BRISBACYC   E05010896 80 ROS12004,ROS12005
Bristol-Bath Cycle Path (Dings Extend) BRISBACYDI   E05010907 15
Bristol-Bath Cycle Path (East) BRISBACYPA   E05010903 21 ROS19002,ROS19003,ROS19004,ROS19005
Chocolate Path S-O Cumberland Road CHOCPACURO   E05010905 0
Maybourne and Sidcot Footpaths 4515247  * E05010890 4
Mercia Drive To Penfield Road Footpaths 4515302  * E05010885 3
Montpelier Terrace Footpath 4515346  * E05010885 1
Narrow Quay (Pedestrianised) Footpaths 4515401  * E05010892 4
River Avon Trail AVONWAEA   E05010890 0
River Avon Trail Central AVONWACE   E05010907 0
River Avon Trail West AVONWAWE   0
River Bank adjacent to Hotwell Road BCC-132526   E05010893 ROS09017
Romney Avenue Footpath 4515896  * E05010908 19
South Bristol Sports Centre Footpath MANOFASGF   E05010915 4
The Furlong Cycle Path THEFUCY   E05010917 1
The Furlong Park (Golden Hill) THEFUPAGOH   E05010917 1
Whitchurch Railway Path WHITRAPA   E05010915 56 ROS31003
Wildcroft Road - Remenham Park Footpath 4518592   E05010917 1