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Play Area  

Group: green space

60 Sites covering 259.421 hectares with 1657 trees.
Name Sitecode Category Trees Hectares
249th Bristol South East Scout BCC-7998 Play Area 0.19
Argyle Road Playing Fields ARGYROPLFI Play Area 29 6.4774
Ashton Vale Playing Fields ASHTVAPLFI Play Area 66 3.7897
BMX Skate Park BCC-3496 Play Area 1.3073
Badocks Wood (Southmead advent BCC-5402 Play Area 0.5528
Bishop Road Playing Field BCC-1054 Play Area 1.3931
Bonnington Walk Playing Fields BONNWAPLFI Play Area 6 6.339186
Bower Ashton Playing Field BOWEASPLFI Play Area 18 2.1054
Bristol Bowling Club BCC-9270 Play Area 0.3291
Bristol Civil Service Sports C ROS24001 Play Area 0.836
Bristol Lido LGS13001 Play Area 1.097
Bristol and West Athletics Clu BCC-432 Play Area 4.9823
Broadway Play WSMTC-3 Play Area 1
Byron Rec WSMTC-4 Play Area 17
City of Bristol Social and Spo BCC-7612 Play Area 4.6905
Coombe Dingle Sports Complex ROS33007 Play Area 16.148
Cricket Ground, Brentry Hill ROS26001 Play Area 1.803
Dorian Road Playing Field DORIROPF Play Area 2 3.1209
Dundridge Farm Playing Fields DUNDFAPLFI Play Area 291 13.9129
Easton Sports Centre And Pool BCC-9154 Play Area 0.97
Fairfield School Playing Field BCC-1056 Play Area 2.8144
Filton Golf Club ROS26003 Play Area 52.111
Filwood Playing Fields FILWPLFI Play Area 1 8.7542
Football Ground at Robin Cousi BCC-6651 Play Area 1.4921
Golden Hill Sports Ground (Foo ROS33012 Play Area 2.627
Golden Hill Sports Ground (Red ROS33013 Play Area 6.338
Greenbank bowling club BCC-437 Play Area 0.3667
Hengrove Play Park HENGPLPA Play Area 49 1.6199
Henleaze School Playing Fields BCC-132962 Play Area 1.667
Home Ground (Shirehampton) HOMEGRSH Play Area 0 0.1956
Kingsweston Sports Ground KINGSPGR Play Area 0 3.9895
Knowle Cricket Club BCC-8196 Play Area 2.4185
Knowle Park Primary School Pla BCC-136973 Play Area 0.8375
Lakemead Grove Sportsground LAKEGRSP Play Area 0 3.6023
May and Hasell Playing Fields BCC-820 Play Area 2.4325
Meadow Vale Playing Fields MEADVAPLFI Play Area 9 0.8131
Muller Road Recreation Ground MULLROREGR Play Area 179 6.8807
Pen Park Playing Fields PENPAPLFI Play Area 0 5.8372
Playing Fields at College Fiel ROS09016 Play Area 1.612
Portway Rugby Development Cent BCC-124749 Play Area 5.9516
Redland Green School Playing F BCC-241 Play Area 2.7278
Ridgeway Playing Fields RIDGPLFI Play Area 317 13.7612
Rodney Road Playing Fields RODNROPF Play Area 15 1.0482
Rose Green Cricket Ground BCC-430 Play Area 5.2266
Salcombe Road Recreation Groun SALCROREGR Play Area 1 0.7282
Sea Mills Recreation Ground SEAMIREGR Play Area 49 2.1539
Shirehampton Cricket Club LGS02005 Play Area 2.233
Shirehampton Sportsground SHIRSP Play Area 7 1.7325
South Bristol Sports Centre (I IMPESPGR Play Area 206 8.1945
South Bristol Sports Centre (M MANOFASPGR Play Area 19 7.5353
Sports ground, Whiteway Road ROS28009 Play Area 2.477
St Johns Lane R-A STJOLARA Play Area 8 3.2991
St Marys Recreation Ground STMAREGR Play Area 24 0.9887
St Pauls Community Sports Acad ED295524 Play Area 53 0.9023
Stoke Lodge Playing Field STOKLOPLFI Play Area 249 8.7259
Sturdon Road (Withers Green Co STURROWIGR Play Area 13 0.1139
Wellington Hill Playing Field WELLHIPF Play Area 0 1.4332
Windmill Hill Play Area WINDHIPLAR Play Area 0 0.1654
Colston's School ROS13008 School 12.296
Whitehall Primary School ED181149 School 28 1.2729