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Sites for which S106 money is available for trees

35 Sites with an area of 0 hectares.

Name Sitecode Ward Tree Count Local Plan
S106: 100 Whiteladies Road, Cli BCC_S106-2020-05  * E05010894
S106: 106 Bedminster Down Road BCC_S106-2020-57  * E05010889
S106: 112 Coombe Lane Bristol B BCC_S106-2020-01  * E05010916
S106: 12 Hurle Crescent, Clifto BCC_S106-2020-06  * E05010894
S106: 120-124 Hotwell Road Bris BCC_S106-2020-51  * E05010905
S106: 171 - 174 Coronation Road BCC_S106-2020-55  * E05010914
S106: 31 to 45 Lower Ashley Roa BCC_S106-2020-08  * E05010885
S106: 63 Turtlegate Avenue, Wit BCC_S106-2020-58  * E05010900
S106: 740 Wells Road Hengrove B BCC_S106-2020-24  * E05010915
S106: Bowmead 75 Hollway Road B BCC_S106-2020-23  * E05010915
S106: Bristol Entertainment Cen BCC_S106-2020-12  * E05010892
S106: Charlton Road BCC_S106-2020-27  * E05010903
S106: Christchurch Church Of En BCC_S106-2020-02  * E05010893
S106: Filwood House, 2 Charlton BCC_S106-2020-20  * E05010910
S106: Former Ambulance Station, BCC_S106-2020-14  * E05010892
S106: Former Lord Rodney PH, 47 BCC_S106-2020-21  * E05010910
S106: Former Magistrates Court, BCC_S106-2020-13  * E05010892
S106: Former Police Station, Ne BCC_S106-2020-11  * E05010892
S106: Garaways House, Chantry R BCC_S106-2020-03  * E05010894
S106: Gloucester Road Medical Centre BCC_S106-2020-25  * E05010888
S106: Harris & Co Warehouse, Fa BCC_S106-2020-17  * E05010892
S106: Knowle Golf Club Fairway BCC_S106-2020-54  * E05010891
S106: Land at 163A Church Road, BCC_S106-2020-19  * E05010896
S106: Land to rear of Silbury R BCC_S106-2020-22  * E05010887
S106: Lidl, Muller Road, Horfie BCC_S106-2020-07  * E05010908
S106: Megabowl Brunel Way Brist BCC_S106-2020-53  * E05010887
S106: Ostrich Inn BCC_S106-2020-29  * E05010892
S106: Queen Victoria House, Red BCC_S106-2020-04  * E05010894
S106: Queens Building, Universi BCC_S106-2020-15  * E05010892
S106: Railway Sidings, Fairlawn BCC_S106-2020-10  * E05010885
S106: Senate House BCC_S106-2020-26  * E05010892
S106: St. Thomas Street BCC_S106-2020-28  * E05010892
S106: The Guild, 68 Park Street BCC_S106-2020-18  * E05010892
S106: The Luckwell Club, Luckwe BCC_S106-2020-56  * E05010914
S106: University Of Bristol 36 BCC_S106-2020-16  * E05010892