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157 Sites with an area of 290.62 hectares.

Name Sitecode Ward Tree Count Local Plan
Air Balloon Hill Primary School ED201065   E05010910 36 ROS28001
Ashley Down Primary School ED198912   E05010888 7
Ashton Gate Primary School ED116651   E05010914 33 ROS27001
Ashton Park Secondary School ED219730   E05010887 220
Ashton Vale Primary School ED136979   E05010887 15 ROS03004
Avon Primary School ED015176   E05010886 34
Avonmouth Church Of England Vc Primary ED172793   E05010886 49 ROS02002
Badminton School ROS33001   E05010917 ROS33001
Badocks Wood Primary School ED272986   E05010913 101
Bank Leaze Primary School ED213917   E05010886 186
Bannerman Road Community Academy ED080239   E05010907 38 ROS23001
Barton Hill Primary And Childrens Centre ED274316   E05010907 33 ROS23002
Bedminster Down School ROS05001   E05010889 ROS05001
Begbrook Primary School ED033637   E05010899 81
Bishop Road Primary School ED047148   E05010909 41
Blaise High School BCC-54   E05010901 ROS17008
Blaise Primary School ED004912   E05010901 5 ROS17003
Brentry Primary School ED001084   E05010901 115 ROS17004
Briarwood Special School ED051208   E05010903 49 ROS19001
Bridge Farm Primary School ED253183   E05010902 106 NPA,Deleted Site
Bristol Brunel Academy BCC-444   E05010897 ROS13003
Bristol Education Centre ED279255   E05010904 5
Bristol Free School BCCA-138627   E05010913
Bristol Gateway School BCCA-82   E05010886
Bristol Metropolitan Academy ROS13004   E05010897 ROS13004
Broomhill Infants School ED125918   E05010890 62
Broomhill Junior School ED126713   E05010890 22 ROS06005
Brunel Field Primary School BCC-127498   E05010888
Burnbush School ED159205  * E05010915 34 ROS31014
Cabot Primary School ED083397   E05010885 25
Cathedral Primary School BCCA-639   E05010905
Cheddar Grove Primary School ED147479   E05010889 34 ROS05003
Chester Park Infant School ED237250   E05010903 4
Chester Park Junior School ED056161   E05010903 1
Christ Church Church of England Primary School ED198459   E05010893 59
Christ The King Catholic Primary ED273418   E05010898 2
Claremont Special School ED036948   E05010917 22
Clifton College ROS09004   E05010893 ROS09004
Colston's School ROS13008   E05010897 ROS13008
Colstons Primary School ED278143   E05010895 36
Connaught Primary School ED143933   E05010898 64
Cotham Grammar School ED081875   E05010895 104 ROS11002
Easton Church Of England Primary School ED181607   E05010907 39 ROS23008
Easton Community Nursery ED261364   E05010896 6
Elmfield School for Deaf Children ED014283   E05010913 91
Elmlea Infant School ED038086   E05010917 113 ROS33008
Elmlea Junior School ED201404  * E05010917 9
Evergreen Primary Academy BCC-413   E05010907 ROS23009
Fair Furlong Primary School ED164792   E05010900 44 ROS16001
Fairfield High School ED304733   E05010908 123
Fairlawn Primary School BCCA-379   E05010885
Filton Avenue Nursery School ED026362   E05010908 8
Filton Avenue Primary School ED273657   E05010908 55
Fishponds Church of England Academy ED047958   E05010899 41 ROS15017
Fonthill Primary School ED204429   E05010913 39
Four Acres Primary School ED164240   E05010900 29 ROS16002
Frome Vale Academy ED273240   E05010899 139 ROS15008
Gay Elms Primary School ED217101   E05010900 48 ROS16008
Glenfrome Primary School ED049491   E05010908 63 ROS24008
Greenfield Primary School ED239367   E05010898 65 ROS14004
Hannah More C E School ED105366   E05010907 12
Hareclive Primary School ED166215   E05010900 29 ROS16004
Headley Park Primary School ED153999   E05010889 56 ROS05006
Henbury Court Primary Academy ED289525   E05010901 61 ROS17007
Henleaze Infant School ED035917   E05010917 31
Henleaze Junior School ED200276   E05010917 58
Highridge Infants School ED155118   E05010889 72 ROS05012,ROS05013
Hillcrest Primary School ED200893   E05010918 23
Hillfields Park Primary School ED059974   E05010903 9
Holy Cross RC Primary School ED225617   E05010914 4 ROS27003
Holymead Infants School ED132402   E05010890 20
Holymead Primary School ED129229   E05010891 3
Horfield Church Of England VC Primary ED253132   E05010904 110 ROS20004
Hotwells Primary School ED109095   E05010893 24 ROS09007
Ilminster Avenue E-Act Primary Academy BCC-871   E05010906 ROS22003
Ilminster Avenue Junior School ED145100   E05010906 37
Kingsweston School ED016989   E05010886 62
Knowle DGE Academy BCC-829   E05010898 ROS14007
Knowle Park Primary School ED139592   E05010906 10
Little Hayes Nursery School ED038677   E05010899 17
Little Mead Primary Academy ED007012   E05010913 98 ROS26008
Luckwell Primary School ED129695   E05010887 17 ROS03008
May Park Primary School ED062304   E05010897 177 ROS13017
Merchants' Academy BCC-128262   E05010900 ROS16007
Millpond Primary School ED073410   E05010907 71
New Fosseway Special School ED154547   E05010902 3 NPA
North Bristol Post 16 Centre BCCA-377   E05010895
Notton House Special School NOTT  * 44
Novers Hill Nursery School ED147272   E05010898 21
Oasis Academy Bank Leaze BCC-73   E05010886 NPA
Oasis Academy Brightstowe BCC-140   E05010886 ROS02013
Oasis Academy Brislington BCCA-138339   E05010891
Oasis Academy John Williams BCC-879   E05010902 Deleted Site
Oasis Academy Long Cross ED014112   E05010886 104
Oasis Academy Marksbury Road BCCA-138352   E05010898
Oasis Academy New Oak BCCA-880   E05010902
Orchard School Bristol ED201213   E05010904 20 ROS20008
Our Lady Of The Rosary Catholic Primary ED213331   E05010886 67
Parson Street Primary School ED138226   E05010898 25
Perry Court Junior School ED278142   E05010902 164 NPA,Deleted Site
Red Maids School ROS33015   E05010917 ROS33015
Redfield Educate Together Primary Academy BCCA-588   E05010896
Redland Green School ED297889   E05010909 87 ROS25005
Rosemary Nursery School ROSENUSC   E05010907 4
Sea Mills Primary School ED274495   E05010916 76 ROS32005
Sefton Park Primary School ED199338   E05010885 26
Shirehampton Primary School ED198305   E05010886 21 ROS02016
South Street Primary School ED126428   E05010887 18 ROS03015
Southmead Children Centre ED013596   E05010913 24
Southville Primary School ED118571   E05010914 9
Speedwell Nursery School ED075163   E05010910 39
St Anne's Infant School ED114089   E05010891 1
St Anne's Infant School ED112477   E05010891 11
St Annes Park Primary School ED111149   E05010890 30
St Barnabas Church of England VC Primary School ED071853   E05010885 51 ROS01009
St Bede's Catholic College ED214531   E05010886 42
St Bernadette Catholic Primary School ED209292   E05010902 16 NPA,Deleted Site
St Bernadette Catholic Secondary School ED156184   E05010902 27 NPA,Deleted Site
St Bernard's Catholic Primary School ED032189   E05010886 1
St Bonaventure's Catholic Primary School ED257606   E05010909 36 ROS25006
St George Church of England Primary School BCCA-623   E05010905
St Johns Church of England School ED067144   E05010894 27
St Joseph's Catholic Primary School ED056092   E05010903 17
St Mary Redcliffe Church of England Primary School ED119875   E05010918 1
St Mary Redcliffe and Temple School ED113831   E05010892 84
St Matthias Park Pupil Referal Scheme ED066121   E05010885 2
St Michael's on the Mount Church of England Primary School ED098697   E05010892 19
St Nicholas Catholic Primary School ED092878   E05010907 20
St Patrick's Catholic Primary School ED098788  * E05010912 29
St Pauls Day Nursery ED085028   E05010885 9
St Peter And Paul Catholic Primary ED271859   E05010894 1
St Philips Marsh Nursery School ED113712   E05010907 12
St Pius X Catholic Primary School ED161979   E05010900 24 ROS16011
St Teresa's Catholic Primary School ED011126   E05010904 16 ROS20007
St Ursula's E-ACT Academy BCC-129985   E05010917 ROS33016
St Werburgh's Primary School ED065140   E05010885 31
St Werburghs Park Nursery School ED062764   E05010885 16
Stoke Bishop Church of England Primary School ED188071   E05010916 55 ROS32009
Summerhill Infant School ED090139   E05010912 12
Summerhill Junior School ED190823   E05010912 72 ROS30007
Teyfant Community School ED166558  * E05010902 60
The City Academy Bristol BCC-570   E05010896 ROS12014
The Dolphin School BCCA-136384   E05010885
The Limes Nursery School ED080058   E05010896 13
Trinity Academy ED206843   E05010908 88 ROS24015
Two Mile Hill Primary School ED088516   E05010910 74
Upper Horfield Primary School ED012753   E05010904 3
Victoria Park Primary School ED260711   E05010918 13
W of England Centre For Inclusive Living ED300049  * E05010898 39
Wansdyke Primary School ED165930   E05010902 24 NPA
Waycroft Academy ED158717   E05010915 66 ROS31010
West Town Lane Primary School ED144550   E05010915 94 ROS31011
Westbury Park Primary School ED051419   E05010917 45
Westbury-On-Trym Church of England Academy ED017202   E05010917 95 ROS33018
Whitehall Primary School ED181149   E05010896 28
Wicklea Academy BCCA-136707   E05010891
Woodstock Special School ED004860   E05010901 103