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The Cotham Walrus TreeVotes : 45

English Holly  Ilex aquifolium  Find it on BristolTrees

Submitted by Walrustrinianism (The Walrus Tree Religion)

The Walrus tree is located in the boundary wall of 31 Cotham Road, BS6 6DW. A place of worship for 'Walrustrinians' a small group of children (and one adult) from a local School. It is a place of calm for all who visit no matter what their religion. It is also unique because it looks like a walrus. The group have created a ‘religion’ around the unique tree on their daily walk to and from school. The religion basically being a pact to be good to themselves and others, they stop twice a day to spend a moment at the tree every school day.
It may not be the oldest tree, the wildest, or the largest tree in Bristol; but it is one that has captured the imagination of a group of otherwise urban, electronically plugged in children, and given them a way to ‘commune with nature twice a day’. It is the centre of stories, jokes and moments of philosophical contemplation. What more can a tree do, other than that – and look like a walrus.

The Walrus Tree 1

by SLeigh on 04 Jun 2018