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Downs HawthornVotes : 17

Common Hawthorn  Crataegus monogyna  Find it on BristolTrees

Submitted by The Friends of the Downs

Situated on the Downs close to Bakers Path and Ladies Mile, this magnificent tree is one of the last of the veteran hawthorns for which the Downs was famous in 1900. People came from miles around to see and smell the thorns when they were in bloom. Most of these fine trees have become the centres of the clumps of small trees and scrub that are now a distinctive feature of the Downs. They have become infested with Ivy, Clematis, Dog Rose, and Bramble and most have died. A girth of 250 cm for a normal tree would not indicate old age, but Hawthorns grow far more slowly than normal trees, and a growth rate of 1 cm a year when young will slow with age, so that a girth of 250 cm suggests an age of at least 250 years. This thorn is distinctive in having a single bole, which rapidly splits into six major trunks. Many of the other veterans thorns have become multi-trunked with age which makes accurate age assessment impossible. In bloom this tree remains magnificent.

The Downs Hawthorn

by R Bland on 26 Aug 2018