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Brislington Brook Plane TreeVotes : 399

London Plane  Platanus x acerifolia  Find it on BristolTrees

Submitted by Friends of Brislington Brook

The giant London plane tree that dominates an area of Brislington's Nightingale Valley is, together with the nearby packhorse bridge, one of the features that help define this unexpected green haven. Its trunk was once an open hollow, tempting the mischievous to light fires within it so a few years ago a local action group walled it up. This has given rise to a legend that a witch is entombed within. Many generations of Brislingtonians have picnicked in its shade, swung across the brook from ropes attached to its boughs or caught tiddlers beneath it. It has a symbolic significance: It's tall, it's strong, it's seen adversity, it endures.

In Autumn

by FoBB on 04 Sep 2018