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Stokes Park Horse ChestnutVotes : 77

Horse Chestnut  Aesculus hippocastanum  Find it on BristolTrees

Submitted by Friends of Stoke Park

This tree is one of the oldest trees in Hermitage Woods. Whenever we hold an event as Friends of Stoke Park and pass by the tree the children on the event are instantly attracted to climb the tree. The tree welcomes you in to Hermitage Wood which is a beautiful piece of woodland filled with swathes of wild garlic and bluebells in the spring – it's one of the few inner city woodlands where you can visit such ancient woodland. We held a walk to choose our favourite 3 trees in the park and this tree made the shortlist. We then ran a poll on Facebook for Friends of Stoke Park and park users to chose their favourite tree. One park user compared the tree to the 'womping willow' in Harry Potter, it has a magical feel. Planted early 19th century it has the bleeding canker disease an air bourne bacterial infection that eats away at the new wood and it has also fallen victim to the non native chestnut leaf miner moth.
Richard Bland's notes: Stoke Park, Hermitage Wood. There are three veteran Horse Chestnuts in hermitage wood, the largest trees there. This has a girth of 550cm and is on the eastern edge of the wood. Likely to have been planted for aesthetic reasons, for the woods were managed for wood and timber. It is probably 300 years old.

The Stoke Park Horse Chestnut 1

by FoSP on 04 Sep 2018