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Portwall Coppiced London PlaneVotes : 12

London Plane  Platanus x acerifolia  Find it on BristolTrees

Submitted by Vassili Papastavrou

The tree is in the new development site around Temple Meads. It is bordered on one side by Portwall Lane East and on the other by Temple Gate which turns into Redcliffe Mead Lane. This lovely plane was felled in 2011 but has since recovered as a coppice and is doing well. Who knows why it was felled? Look at it now! The only coppiced plane in Bristol. It's fighting back and bigger than most new trees of the same age. Its CAVAT value is £70K (before it was chopped down). What is the CAVAT value of a coppiced plane?
Addendum: we have just been informed by a BCC tree officer that the tree was felled because it had developed a split in the codominant stems and was likely to fall on the adjacent highway. The tree still exists in its form prior to felling (sometime before 2012) on the Bristol City Council site At the time of it being submitted for BTOY there was no information available as to why it had been felled.

The Portwall Coppiced Plane

by VP on 16 Aug 2018