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Stoke Lodge Lucombe OakVotes : 584

Lucombe oak  Quercus x hispanica 'Lucombeana'  Find it on BristolTrees

Submitted by We Love Stoke Lodge

We are an informal community group of 864 local residents. With so many rare, notable, veteran trees at Stoke Lodge it was very hard for the community to choose just one to nominate. We have decided to nominate the Lucome Oak
The Lucombe Oak is a cross between a Turkey Oak and a Cork Oak. It was first raised by an Exeter nurseryman, William Lucombe, in 1762. It is unusual in the fact that it keeps its leaves over winter. The story goes that William Lucombe was so attached to his special oak that he felled the original specimen to provide wood for his own coffin and kept the boards under his bed until he died. However, he lived an exceptionally long life, dying at the age of 102 years, by which time the planks had decayed in the Devon damp. To quote an article from Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, this showed ‘that Lucombe knew more about growing trees than preserving them'. On his death timber from one of his early propagations was used to make his coffin instead.
Notwithstanding the tree’s fascinating history, so many of our community hold treasured memories of this tree dating back over four generations. At a recent community picnic those in their nineties sat alongside primary school children of today talking about the best picnics they have had under our beloved tree and sharing tips on how to climb it wonderful branches. This tree is the meeting point for many sports and well-being groups. Its branches shade baby groups, yoga classes, families and friends from the sun (and the rain) every day – as it has done for hundreds of years ! This tree is a not just located in the centre of our community, it is part of it.

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by WLSL on 04 Sep 2018