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Council BCC
Reference 19/04705/F
Address Open Space Glencoyne Square Bristol BS10 6DE  
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Ward Southmead
Proposal Development of site for up to 120 residential units, a health centre, library, live-work accommodation and other uses potentially including offices, activity space and a launderette, together with associated landscaping, parking and infrastructure.
Validated '19-09-26
Type Full Planning
Status Decided
Neighbour Consultation Expiry '19-10-31
Standard Consultation Expiry '19-10-30
Determination Deadline '19-12-26
Decision GRANTED subject to condition(s)
Decision Issued '21-02-09
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Public Comments

on 2020-03-23   SUPPORT

proposals for staircases and cladding met the highest standards post-Grenfell.

I do hope that you will be able to agree that this application has been a truly local community scheme, and that you will pass the application when it comes before you.


Brenda Massey

Councillor for Southmead

on 2020-01-23   SUPPORT

I think it's great to develop here.

People need houses to live in - preferably cheaper than market rate.

It's good to make the shopping area fresh and renewed.

Looking forward to meeting new 'meaders

on 2019-12-06   SUPPORT

The Civic Society supports the proposed residential use of the site, the layout includinglandscape and the building design and proposed materials. The Society's principal interest is theimpact of development on the public realm. We have not considered the internal design andamenities that the development will offer its future residents.

on 2019-11-10   SUPPORT

on 2019-11-07   SUPPORT

I was actively involved in the development and early delivery of Southmead CommunityPlan and the administration of the Fourteen Fund, as a paid worker. It's great to see that thedevelopment supports some of the outcomes which were identified by local residents as needed inthe community plan and that it is being led by local community organisations.

on 2019-11-07   SUPPORT

I am a property owner of flat on Glencoyne Court, and I am very excited about theopportunities and benefits that the Southmead Regeneration Project will bring to the area. I amalso a student of Masters of Architecture and to my knowledge and professional opinion, thecommunity-led residential scheme is very well designed and can only bring positive changes toour community. I give my full support to the proposal and I am going to support the project throughall of the future phases.

on 2019-11-06   SUPPORT

I think this kind of project is very much needed for Southmead, I don't think there isenough affordable residential housing for the people who live and work in Southmead. The planslook like they would provide very high quality and more welcoming buildings in a very neglectedpart of Southmead. I definitely support this project.

on 2019-11-06   SUPPORT

As Secretary of the BS10 Parks and Planning Group, who have been actively involvedin working on these proposals for the past five years, we are whole heartily behind these plans.This will provide a much needed boost to Southmead. This has been a resident led regenerationscheme right from the beginning, which will demonstrate not only to Bristol, but Countrywide howresident led housing development can be achieved, by perseverance and co-operation betweenresidents, Councillors, Council Officers and Stakeholders. We urge the planning department to getbehind these plans which can be a beacon for any future resident led groups and put Bristol at theforefront.

on 2019-11-06   OBJECT

I think doing the houses at Graystoke is a silly idea it's lovely the way it is it's a lovely bitof grass don't need to build on it before long we will all be closed in by house

on 2019-11-06  

I am quite happy for this to go ahead,APART from moving the library from its presentsite.

on 2019-11-06   SUPPORT

I've worked in Southmead for 9 years for Public Health and Southmead DevelopmentTrust. In 2012 work for the Southmead Community Plan began, community workers from BristolCity Council and Southmead Development Trust and residents devised a survey and collectednearly 900 completed surveys from residents, their answers and ideas are the actions of the plan.

The aims of the community plan are:- Increase the likelihood of Southmead receiving financial investment- Support community groups and residents to work together- Influence decisions that will have an impact on Southmead.

The vision for the plan is:

Our vision is that Southmead is known as a great place for everyone to live, a strong communitywhere residents work together, inspire each other and people of all ages have the skills andconfidence to achieve their full potential.

For nearly 5 years workers and residents have used their skills, capabilities and limited resourcesto achieve the aims of the plan

The regeneration of Arnside and Glencoyne Sqaure meets this aims by:

Increase the likelihood of Southmead receiving financial investment:

The regeneration project is not led by a for-profit developer and instead is lead and managed veryclosely by Southmead Development Trust (trustees live in Southmead) and by local people whohave volunteered their time to co-produce this plan. Any surplus generated by SouthmeadDevelopment Trust will be reinvested in the community.

Support community groups and residents to work together:

This regeneration project is not led by a for-profit developer and instead is lead and managed bySouthmead Development Trust (trustees live in Southmead) and by local people who havevolunteered their time to co-produce this plan.

Influence decisions that will have an impact on Southmead:

A large majority of people who completed the community plan survey requested the provision of 1and 2 bedroom homes so that young people moving out from their family home and older peopledownsizing can remain in the community and continue to benefit from their networks of friends andfamily. The Arnside and Glencoyne Square plan addresses this need.

I have experience of working directly with residents in various capacities, some have surviveddomestic abuse, have a chronic illness or are losing their home due to benefit cuts. The majority ofpeople thrive when provided with the right conditions, opportunities and support. The new homes,health centre, library and improved public open space will contribute to a greater sense of prideand self-worth for many residents.

The new 120 new homes will be in close proximity to services at the Greenway Centre including alow cost gym, fitness classes, mental health and employment and training support. The site is alsoclose to the Children's Centre, play parks and Badocks Wood. There are also public transport linksto areas of employment including Filton, Bristol city centre and Cribbs Causeway.

New residents will bring new skills and diversity to the community and will contribute to the localeconomy.

on 2019-11-06   SUPPORT

Having worked in Southmead from 2010 - 2019 and having been very involved invarious community groups and meetings including chairing the Southmead Community plansteering group since it's inception I am convinced that these proposals represent the desire of themajority of residents in Southmead for good quality, appropriate and affordable housing that alsogenerates a long term sustainable income stream for the community and the regenerates theCenter of Southmead.

on 2019-11-06   SUPPORT

I hope it helps the housing crisis

on 2019-11-06   SUPPORT

I am a Southmead Resident and worker. Our residents need the affordable housingplanned for Glencoyne Square so people have the chance to stay within the community instead ofbeing forced out by unaffordable rents and house prices.In addition, the regeneration will rejuvenate an underused and neglected space which is oftendesolate and unwelcoming. It will also bring in new business for local traders and help to create amuch-needed new vibrancy and energy in the area.The ethics of the professional teams working with and for Southmead Residents on thiscommunity-led project are exemplary. The values of all individuals involved incredibly high.As a worker I am proud to be associated with the project and as a resident excited for the newopportunities it will bring to our community.

on 2019-11-04   SUPPORT

Bristol Civic Society is very supportive of this exemplary scheme which has beendesigned with full community consultation. When built the scheme will completely transformGlencoyne Square and has the potential to create a thriving community space together withhousing and a range of services. The master planning is innovative in terms of the use of part ofthe existing open space and this has been supported locally as a result of ongoing consultationfrom the very early days of planning. An example which might usefully be followed elsewhere inBristol.

on 2019-11-01   SUPPORT

The Regeneration is vital to help the area stand tall in the future. The community is verymotivated and pulls together in difficult times so having Arneside better placed to enable us thriveand grow is why these well thought thought, widely consulted plans will work well within thiscommunity. Thank you to everyone for all the consultation work that has already happened. Longmay it continue.

on 2019-10-29   SUPPORT

My only concern is about the parking, because it is bad enough at the momentespecially on a Sunday because of the Catholic church. If there are younger couples they mayneed more car parking spaces. I would want this to be considered for the future. Apart from that, Iam happy with the proposals. I think it's a very exciting thing that's going to happen.

on 2019-10-29   SUPPORT

The best thing about this project is that it is led and inspired by the community notimposed by Someone Who Knows Best! We hope the disruption will be minimal and announcedwell in advance. Thank you.

on 2019-10-28   SUPPORT

I work in Southmead and think that this regeneration project will be fantastic for the areain developing local provision and opportunities for Southmead residents.

on 2019-10-28   OBJECT

My initial understanding for the redevelopment of Glencoyne Square was for anassortment of social and private housing, 120 single and double bed low cost flats does notconstitute social housing.A five story complex will completely overshadow the surrounding area and is in no way appealingto the eye in the context of its surroundings.I fail to see how retail units could possibly be self sustaining and potentially ending up with a seriesof void premises will do nothing to improve either the complex nor local area, I believe thatadditional retail units will only be detrimental to the current traders ability to survive and do nothingmore than bring additional problems into the area because of additional traffic, parking etc.The redevelopment currently appears to be a means for the developer to come in, rip the heart outof the community, grab a profit and depart, leaving the problems to be sorted by an alreadystretched local authority.Anti-Social behaviour will increase in an already under policed area as it will be no different to theareas like, Barton Hill, Easton where these type of buildings attract a captive audience for drugs,alcohol and other anti social behaviour. Sadly I feel the elderly have been mislead into believingthis was to be small bungalows to enable them to downsize giving up larger accommodation that'smuch needed for families that are forced to live with family, friends or unsustainable expensiveemergency accommodation paid for by the local authority surely it's plain to see this developmentwill only increase lack of social housing and bring huge problems with it the infrastructure in thearea already struggles to cope and this type of development will add more of a strain Southmeadwill lose any community spirit as the people attracted to the development will no doubt be shortterm tenants adding nothing to the area just a huge ,get rich quick scheme for the developer ashas happened in the Hartclife redevelopment again a scheme for the rich to get richer.

As the Dunmail estate develops, its plain to see that it's causing huge problems for the servicessuch as sewerage and no doubt other utilities and services, this is only going too continue aspeople move in and again God forbid if they are families, where will these children be schooled;not locally, as is happening in other areas of Bristol; as local schools are already overstretchedand ironically this problem will have been triggered on a former school site with little thought givento the future when there will be nowhere left to build and both schools in this area have beenupgraded to facilitate the community needs.The health centres serving the area are both adequate in size, modern and could expand on-siteshould it be necessary, the public are being hoodwinked yet again by the developer both thecentre's are large buildings the one alleged in the redevelopment will be a tiny building almost aquarter of the size the Ulswater Road site, fact not fiction, here all developers make huge greatpromises and fail because they are meant to fail costing local authorities huge amounts to put rightand provide less services than promised a prime example of this how Carillion behaved withSouthmead Hospital, who do a fantastic job, but have been left struggling.I believe that Glencoyne Square should be redeveloped but not by this get rich quick scheme butwith a development that will benefit the community as a whole; not multiple box units for maximumprofit.

on 2019-10-26   SUPPORT

My only concern is whether there will be enough parking spaces, not only for the newresidents, but also for people using the surrounding amenities (health centre, churches, shopsetc.)

on 2019-10-25   SUPPORT

We need change in Southmead. Some places in the community have deteriorated and itneeds modernisation. I think change is good and the green area left will be good for the children.The new housing will be good for people who need downsizing - there are a lot of people who areliving in properties that are too big. That means big families can have those houses.

on 2019-10-25   SUPPORT

I live in the community,I think this will be great as it will increase housing and there willbe more employment. This will also make the community look more appealing and may be adecrease in crime.

on 2019-10-24   SUPPORT

I think the project will make Southmead a better place to live which will be beneficial forall the local residents.

on 2019-10-24   OBJECT

Bristol City Council are destroying Glencoyne Square and its open green space forpeople to enjoy. The government are protecting green belt land by concreting over green spacesin poor areas.

on 2019-10-23   SUPPORT

I fully support the proposals for the Glencoyne Square regeneration project. There hasbeen considerable discussion with local people about the proposal, and their views have beentaken into account at all stages. The Health Centre has outgrown it's current site, so building anew one on the Square will be a bonus. We also have the opportunity to build a new Library thatwill be integral to the plans for the area, and can be designed to reflect the changing needs of thecommunity. The Health Centre and Library will not be additions, but replacements for the existingones.

As a Councillor for Southmead since 2011, the majority of my casework relates to Housing. Somany people have lived in the area all their lives and wish to stay near to their families and friends,but currently live in houses that are too large or not appropriate to their needs. This site has thepotential to release smaller housing units, and could then free up larger homes for new families.

Southmead is a welcoming diverse area, and I believe that the project will be part of the continuingtransformation and should be welcomed as such. There has been consultation with the publicalthough the pre-planning stage, and this has been appreciated by the public. Improvements to theArneside shopping area will also be part of the project, and will provide a better shopping andtravel experience than we currently have.

I do support this application and hope that we can progress the work to provide good housing, plusleisure and health facilities for all the local people.

on 2019-10-23   SUPPORT

I am writing in support of this planning application which is the result of significationcollaboration between the Southmead Development Trust and the wider Southmead community,as well as Bristol City Council (councillors and officers).

The development will transform Glencoyne Square into a thriving community space, whilstcreating much needed new homes and amenities for all of Southmead's residents.

The design and master plan of the site was the result of genuine co-construction betweencommunity groups with a specific interest in the site and also with the wider community who weregiven the opportunity to feed in and comment on the plans at every stage both through communitymeetings and events and 'pop-up' engagement sessions at the site and nearby. The communitynewspaper 'The Mead' has also been a key vehicle for communicating plans and changes to thescheme.

The scheme will bring much needed new homes to Southmead. As local councillors, we have agreat deal of casework around housing. Almost all these cases have a desire to remain in the areaof Southmead, but as housing stock is short this is problematic. We also see older residents whowould like to downsize from larger 3 bed houses on the estate into smaller 2 bedroom flats, butare unable to at present because of a lack of stock. This scheme will help to ease this situation.Southmead is a thriving community where many families have lived for 3 or 4 generations. To beable to assist families to remain in the area, close to extended family and often their work, wouldbe beneficial to all.

Our existing health centre is in a poor state of repair and so the opportunity to have a new, modernhealth centre as part of the development is very important to the community. Our intention to alsohave a library on site shows a continuing commitment to the wider community and thedetermination to ensure the development is a space for all.

The positive impact of this development on the immediate Arnside shopping area is also key andwill support the local economy and 'high street'.

This has been an innovative project led by the Southmead Development Trust, which is the key'anchor' organisation in the ward. The work has already won national recognition for it's innovationand community-led approach.

I am proud that this scheme is being presented in Southmead, and I fully support this planningapplication.

on 2019-10-22   OBJECT

I am commenting on my uncle's behalf as he cannot read or write. He has lived inRavenglass Crescent for 71 years!I read the letter out to him regarding the proposed development site on Glencoyne Square and hewas baffled as to why there is such a proposal being considered by the Council. His commentswere:

1) Why do you need to build on a nice area of green land which is also home to many trees, birdsand insects? We need to keep hold of our green areas as they all seem to be being built upon...not very good for conservation.2) the green fields on Lanercost Road has already been demolished and is currently subject toongoing building of new houses3) The area already has a health centre yet another one is proposed to be built amongst thisdevelopment, why?4) The area already has a library yet another one is proposed to be built amongst thisdevelopment, why?5) There is plenty of parking around Glencoyne Square and the local shops so there is no need forextra parking - as proposed in the development plans.

I completely disagree to this development plan, it would spoil my local area.

on 2019-10-21   SUPPORT

I work in Southmead and looking at the planning proposal this looks like a great visionfor Southmead. I like that it has come from what residents want in terms of affordable flats and ireckon it will change the feel of the centre of Southmead to be an interesting and exciting feel to it.

on 2019-10-21   SUPPORT

This housing scheme it is so very refreshing in its prioritising of affordable housing andpromotion of coexisting within a space. Very in keeping with the overall red brick architecture ofSouthmead and beneficial to the community. Locally supported and developed. Outside playspaces and amenities perfect for local area.

on 2019-10-21   SUPPORT

Below are comments received from various young people who attend the SouthmeadYouth Centre open access sessions. These comments were collated by lead youth worker JamesCreed on Monday 21 October 2019.

'Build it somewhere else' i.e the grass opposite the pegasus. It will be crowded. People walk theirdogs on the green.

'it looks amazing' keep local shops because it's good for people who live there to have shops rightby their houses.

'more opportunities for the community' the streets will look cleaner, more spaces for things to do,some nice new shops and that.

'it looks nice and new' 'I know its good because people get houses but the green is one of the onlybits of grass apart from Doncaster park, but if you can still use it it's ok.'

on 2019-10-20  

I do think this project could make the area a better place to live; if the nice picturesactually come to fruition.

Any amendments to this proposed project would need to be well publicised.

The park at the moment is under-used by locals and sometimes a just place for stolen mopeds tobe burnt (which seems to be a frequent problem).

Also as there will be 120 houses, of differing sizes, will there also be at least 120 car parkingspaces available to the residents? As just mentioning 'parking' indicates that there will not beenough! As that number of extra vehicles in the area will cause parking problems for the adjoiningproperties and streets, should there not be sufficient spaces.

Will the brown site, just up the road, also be repurposed for more housing later on? Or could thisentire project not be completed there and an uplift of this site be made instead?

on 2019-10-20   SUPPORT

I've been part of a local church in Southmead for 4 years and love being involved in thecommunity. The proposed plans for regeneration are really exciting and I'm particularlyencouraged by the neighboured consolation that has gone on up to this point. As a church, we feelpassionately about making sure Southmead is a place where people are well looked after andquality of life is promoted. The regeneration plans would make a huge difference if done well andwe look forward to the chance to continue to be part of seeing Southmead develop.

on 2019-10-18   SUPPORT

I fully support this proposed development which is a shining example of a community-led housingproject that will bring an additional 120 much needed small housing units to this area of Bristol.

Overall, with the potential to include a relocated library and health centre, this whole developmentwill bring new life into the area. It also gives plenty of opportunities for locals to downsize from 3-bedroom semi-detached houses into smaller properties - thereby freeing-up family sized homesthat have become under occupied.

Glencoyne Square is currently a large, bleak and underused green space that when redevelopedwill still retain a sufficiently large area of enhanced communal green space to support localrecreational needs.

on 2019-10-18   SUPPORT

The regeneration project will make the local shopping complex a lot more attractive touse for local people and possibly further afield.

Also and more importantly, affordable dwellings for local people will be made

on 2019-10-18   SUPPORT

This looks amazing and will make Southmead look and feel much better.

on 2019-10-18   SUPPORT

I think this is great. I think this will make Southmead look better and more appealing forother people that doesn't live in Southmead.I think this is going to help prevent crime on the streets. I hope that the houses are going to beaffordable as someone like me who is still living at home. would love to have my own 1 bedroomflat but couldn't afford to pay £800+ a month.

on 2019-10-17   OBJECT

on 2019-10-17   SUPPORT

I fully support this planning application that will create new homes, jobs, communityspaces and a much needed improved green space.

on 2019-10-14   SUPPORT

I wish to state my support for this scheme. I believe the regeneration of Southmead canonly be a good thing.

The area will benefit from the investment and new facilities and combined with the alterations toArnside Road the feel of the area will be greatly improved.

on 2019-10-14   SUPPORT

The building of new homes and a new Health Centre and Library are very welcome forSouthmead.The area needs regeneration as it has not changed for 70 years.Having lived in Southmead all mylife (61 years) I can honestly say that this is long overdue.Many residents live on their own in 3 bed family homes and would like to downsize but don't wantto move out of the area.This gives them the opportunity to move into a smaller property and free up a family sized home.