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Council BCC
Reference 20/01812/VD
Address Norland House 33 Canynge Road Bristol BS8 3LD  
Street View
Ward Clifton
Proposal Copper Beech - Fell
Validated 28-04-20
Type Dead/Dying/Dangerous trees
Status Decided
Determination Deadline 03-05-20
Decision Preservation Order NOT REQUIRED
Decision Issued 30-04-20
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BTF response: SUPPORT

Many thanks for letting us know about your decision. We will take a look at the report in detail, though I suspect that there is little we could say if it is indeed the case the the tree presents an imminent threat to public safety and that even conservative management would only hasten its decline.
I calculate that this tree has a CAVAT Value of a least £285,000 (if we assumed it has another 40 years of life). 
Although it does not apply in this case, eight BTRS trees would be required to replace it were it being felled for development. 
I calculate that if the Natural England Joint Publication JP029 - Biodiversity Metric 2.0  were applied it would require 55 replacements just to achieve neutral Net Gain after 27 years.
I also see that the tree has no TPO, but you plan to condition a replacement none-the-less. Is a replacement viable on site? If so, will it be another Copper Beech or will another species have to be selected? If the latter, I hope it will be another long-lived, large form species.