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Council BCC
Reference 20/03697/VD
Address Stoke Lodge Sports Ground Shirehampton Road Sea Mills Bristol  
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Ward Stoke Bishop
Proposal T3 - English Oak - Reduce storm damaged limb. (See Associated Photograph) TPO 1192
Validated '20-08-13
Type Dead/Dying/Dangerous trees
Status Decided
Determination Deadline '20-08-18
Decision GRANTED
Decision Issued '20-08-18
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BTF response: SUPPORT

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Public Comments

on 2020-08-17  

This is an old veteran boundary-marking Oak tree. Yes, it is old and might be weak inparts, as could be evidenced by this recent branch failure in a storm, but if it was struck bylightning, as is suspected, then age and weakness are of no relevance. These things happen.It is venerated by the local residents as well as being a veteran; loved by all locals as are all theprecious trees around and on the Field. All who know it should respect it, and provide it with duecare.

I am very pleased to see that BCC currently plans to do the minimum amount of work necessary tothis tree and reduce its wounds to a "clean cut" for healing - requiring minimal expenditure ofprecious energy and resources by the tree to deal with the damage occasioned by its wounds.I am a little more concerned to see the comment that when the geographical Tree Officer returnsto duties then more work may be required. I am very concerned that there might be attempts, bythe Playing Field Leaseholder, to exercise undue influence over its future , who to my mind shouldhave no say in what happens to this ancient boundary marker Oak, a precious and protected tree.I say this because the local Community is already unnerved by the recent presence of their staffinspecting the tree following the storms.The responsibility for the trees has been vested, by the terms of their Lease, in BCC and not intheir Leaseholder. If they do not want try to influence, and have no intention of influencing, thefuture of this tree, I would be delighted, and I invite them to say so here and contradict me, anddeclare their respect and best wishes for its future. Note I have not said that the Leaseholder willtry to exert adverse influence as I do not know that will happen.I would exhort the BCC Tree Officer concerned, whom I know, and for whom I have great respectas a professional, not to do anything to this tree that is not required other than for the tree's benefitand well being, and for no other reason, as his professional integrity expects. This is after alldemanded by legislation for planned works to all TPO trees. The Leaseholder never uses this end

of the Playing Field anyway.