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Council BCC
Reference 21/00069/VC
Address Bristol Lawn Tennis And Squash Centre Redland Green Road Bristol BS6 7HF  
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Ward Redland
Proposal Silver Maple, (T2, T3, T4, T5, T6) - Remove overhanging branches over tennis courts. Sycamore, (T7) - Fell. Sycamore, (T8) - Remove stem growing into tennis courts fence.
Validated 12-01-21
Type Works to Trees in Conservation Areas
Status Decided
Determination Deadline 23-02-21
Decision Preservation Order NOT REQUIRED
Decision Issued 08-03-21
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Public Comments

on 2021-02-23  

Redland Green Community Group (the Parks Group for Redland Green) have been indiscussion with the Bristol Lawn Tennis And Squash Centre sited adjacent to Redland Green.

We agreed to support their proposal to prune branches overhanging the tennis courts (T2-T6) andto remove a single self-seeded sycamore tree on the property of the Tennis and Squash Centreand embedded in their fence (T7). We continue to support this limited action.

However, there was no discussion of the TPO ash tree (T1) or the sycamore on Redland Greenadjacent to their fence post (T8).

The trimming of branches over the court (T2-T6) should be done in a way so as not to damage thebalance of the trees, and that limiting this ONLY to the parts of the branches actually on the courtside of the fence should be permitted.

The self-seeded sycamore (T7) in the fence should go as this provides no amenity value.

The branch of the large sycamore (T8) should be left alone. The branch is barely (if at all) touchingthe fence post and is doing no damage, and as such there is no justification for this. Also, this isnot on the property of the Tennis and Squash Centre, and provides considerable visual amenity tothe area.

Redland Green Community Group also object to removing the branch from the TPO'd ash treewhich extends over the car park... there is no apparent reason for this, and we should rather becherishing those ash trees with no sign of ash dieback in the hope that they are in the 5% of

resistant trees. This tree has great visual amenity and is extremely valuable to the area. Toundertake this unnecessary action may put the tree under stress and damage it beyond the actionproposed. Removal of dead wood from this tree would be acceptable.