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Council BCC
Reference 21/00389/VC
Address 148 Westbury Road Bristol BS9 3AL  
Street View
Ward Westbury-on-Trym and Henleaze
Proposal T1 Sycamore to Fell.
Validated '21-01-26
Type Works to Trees in Conservation Areas
Status Decided
Neighbour Consultation Expiry '21-02-12
Determination Deadline '21-03-09
Decision Preservation Order NOT REQUIRED
Decision Issued '21-03-18
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Public Comments Supporters: 3 Objectors: 4    Total: 7
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BTF response: OBJECT

This is a prominent attractive mature sycamore tree in a front garden in a Conservation Area. It deserves to stay. It deserves protection.
Looking at a TEMPO form and the advice that goes with it, I think it merits a Tree Preservation Order. This is of course up to the professional expertise of the Arboricultural Officer.
It could be pruned and not felled.
As it is under threat of felling - a S211 notice - then a TPO order is the only way to save it unless the threat disappears.

Public Comments

on 2021-02-13   SUPPORT

We live in the other half of the semi to the applicants and strongly support thisapplication. Whilst the many trees in Westbury-on-Trym are something we value and wish toprotect, unfortunately this particular tree has been planted extremely close to the house. I wouldnot pretend to have any expertise on this subject, but from my reading the recommended distancebetween a sycamore and buildings is 17m, whereas this is approximately 3m, which leaves usconcerned about the impact of its roots on the buildings. Pruning has been suggested, but wouldnot remove the basic issue that the tree is too large for the small garden and too close to thebuildings. The removal of the tree may reduce the aesthetics of the road, but we feel this will onlybe slight as there are many other trees and will be far outweighed by the other improvements thenew owners are making to the front of the property.

The new owners Anthea and Chris have been extremely considerate to us all while undertakingthis very welcome renovation and checked immediate neighbours' opinions before submitting thisapplication.

on 2021-02-11   SUPPORT

I support this application

on 2021-02-11   SUPPORT

I support this application. I do not know the applicant - they have only just bought thehouse and not moved in yet.

This tree is too close to the building line and has been enthusiastically but inexpertly pruned duringthe last few years. Whilst I agree with previous comments that a mature tree is a nice feature ofthe road, this tree is in a poor state and is poorly located to enable it to grow to its mature height.

As a direct neighbour, I would much prefer that the owners are asked to replace the tree with asuitable sized tree, suitably located in the front of their property. That way, we can all enjoy it, but itwon't be a nuisance or a hazard. I recognise that previous commenters have suggested goodpruning, but that doesn't solve for the fact that this is in essence a big tree, and that it is located inthe wrong place.

on 2021-02-07   OBJECT

To whom it may concern,

Regarding the tree, yes this is a lovely tree and completely understand comments and concerns.

However this tree is within three metres of our property, whilst being inspected, concerns weremade that the tree is becoming intangled within the telephone wires, it was also pointed out to usthe tree is leaning towards our property and would cause huge damage should it fall into ourhouse and the neighbouring house. Also when the tree is in full leaf it covers the entire front of theproperty letting no light into the house.

We hope you take these concerns onboard, we would also be happy to buy another tree to beplanted elsewhere.


Chris Newton

on 2021-02-05   OBJECT

The South Gloucestershire/North Bristol District of CPRE Avon and Bristol objects tothis application.This sycamore is of the less common copper colour variety, located in a prominent position lookingtowards Westbury village on the busy B4055 Westbury Rd. It is one of only three mature trees onthis side of the road in this location. It therefore contributes to the character of this stretch of roadin the Westbury Conservation Area and apart from its visual impact on this route into Westburyvillage, it provides valuable habitat for biodiversity at a time when this is under threat, especially inurban areas where increasing numbers of front gardens are paved over. We understand thatsycamores are one of the most insectivorious species, possibly only second to oaks and thus playan important role in the balance of nature .It is unclear from the application why this tree needs to felled, rather than being pruned to a neatshape, as it doesn't appear to be causing any other nuisance apart from its height conflicting withtelephone wires. We note that the proposed elevation document in outstanding application20/06281/H for this property does show a mature tree in the front garden.The current draft consultation document (2021) on revisions to the NPPF recognises theimportance of trees and states (130): "Trees make an important contribution to the character andquality of urban environments...Planning policies and decisions should ensure that ....existingtrees are retained wherever possible."It appears that Westbury on Trym and surrounding areas are currently subject to a considerablenumber of applications to fell mature trees, either with or without TPOs. This is of considerableconcern given the collective harm which this will cause not only to the character of a location, buteven more importantly, if we listen to experts, to the environment. It is disappointing that unlesstree felling is to enable development there is little obligation to replace the tree/s concerned. Evenwhere trees are replaced they are largely small specimens which will take years to provide thesame benefits as those which have been lost. Where tree pruning is a feasible alternative we urge

that this option is pursued with the use of TPOs going some way towards enabling this outcome.

on 2021-02-04   OBJECT

One is inclined to label this tree as an iconic example of a rather rare variety of sycamore in that iscoloured red, when in leaf.

I do not think it should be felled just because it is considered a "nuisance" and has grown ratherlarge for its location. Judicious pruning in the past could well have kept it to a size that wassuitable for its location.

I would suggest that felling this tree is a bit "overkill" and it should, therefore, be subject to someTLC and retained for posterity.

on 2021-01-27   OBJECT

This is a prominent attractive mature sycamore tree in a front garden in a ConservationArea.It deserves to stay. It deserves protection.Looking at a TEMPO form and the advice that goes with it, I think it merits a Tree PreservationOrder. This is of course up to the professional expertise of the Arboricultural Officer.It could be pruned and not felled.As it is under threat of felling - a S211 notice - then a TPO order is the only way to save it unlessthe threat disappears.