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Reference 21/03165/F
Address Land To The West Of Ashton Gate Stadium Ashton Road Bristol BS3 2EJ  
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Proposal Demolition of existing buildings and the phased redevelopment of the site to comprise a sports and convention centre, a hotel, 125 residential units, office accommodation, retail, gym, club museum, multi-storey car park, public realm improvements and landscaping, new internal access routes, new and improved vehicular and pedestrian accesses and infrastructure and other associated works and improvements on land west of Ashton Gate Stadium. (Major).
Validated 11-06-21
Type Full Planning
Status Pending consideration
Neighbour Consultation Expiry 16-07-21
Standard Consultation Expiry 14-06-22
Determination Deadline 10-09-21
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Public Comments

Mr luke everett  45 ASHTON ROAD BRISTOL BS3 2EQ  on 2022-07-04   OBJECT

I am a supporter of the proposal and the overall strategic view and policy, however I amvery concerned by the potential effects and pressures to neighbourhood parking. Yes we acceptthe critical snipes about what to expect if you choose to live next door to a stadium, however manyof my neighbours did not expect the rapid increase in activity to this area before they purchasedtheir property.There are two specific issues related to this comment, the first being the disruption brought duringthe construction phase, this will undoubtedly cause issues as the main contractor attempts tocontrol contractor parking, and the second being post development parking. There must beproactive actions and solutions ahead of the proposed development rather than apologies inresponse to complaints. I would implore Bristol Sport and Bristol City Council to regard this withreal duty of care and respond accordingly.

As other commentators have stated there should be provisions for residents parking throughoutthis area, especially if it is to be considered a national leading sports quarter with a happy andengaged community.


I confirm that I support this application.

Mr Steve Devereux   6 HEBRON COURT HEBRON ROAD BRISTOL BS3 3AP  on 2022-06-07   SUPPORT

Am absolute no brainier - jobs, entertainment, investment, prestige.Bristol desperately lacks venues / arenas and South Bristol is falling behind north Bristol indevelopments. Basketball is also a hugely diverse and impactful community sport and anincredible entertainment spectacle, currently selling out every game at their current venue that istoo small for purpose.

Mrs Amanda Edwards  39 HILL VIEW HENLEAZE BRISTOL BS9 4QD  on 2022-05-28   SUPPORT

This proposed development would provide a very much needed new home to BristolFlyers basketball. Basketball is a rapidly growing sport and the flyers mens team (and some of thejuniors team) have just had their best season yet. It needs greater investment to reach its potentialand this simply cannot be achieved at it's current site. Every single home game sells out. Thejuniors academy numbers are increasing massively too. Young participants in the game learn somuch more than how to play basketball... they learn how to be part of a community, how to be partof a team, and commitment, and build self esteem. This is an opportunity for Bristol to support oneof its minority sports.

Mr Darren Willis  22 STANLEY AVENUE BRISTOL BS7 9AH  on 2022-05-12   SUPPORT

A much needed home for Bristol Flyers, basketball participation in the UK is huge butfunding and facilities are lacking. Flyers are one of the UKs top teams and improving each season.This development will give them a base to entertain many more fans and hopefully take them tothe next level.

Mr Graham Rogers  2 ELMGROVE ROAD COTHAM BRISTOL BS66AH  on 2022-05-08   SUPPORT

I think this plan will be very beneficial for the area. It is very important to ensure thatbasketball achieves its potential in the city

Mrs Eve Cox   51 RAYNES RD BRISTOL BS3 2DJ  on 2022-05-07   SUPPORT

I am in full support of the new basketball arena. The Bristol Flyers have worked so hardover the years and deserve the profile of basketball to be raised in the city. The arena would be afantastic addition to the community. I really hope it gets approval.

Mr James Hayne   51 UPTON ROAD SOUTHVILLE BRISTOL BS3 1LW  on 2022-05-07   SUPPORT

Absolutely 110% behind this ! YES YES some many benefits to the city the communityetc ...

Mr Sébastien Fleurance   FLAT 4 HOLMWOOD GARDENS BRISTOL BS9 3FG  on 2022-05-06   OBJECT

The Flyers need that arena!!!


Simon Carter  50 REDLAND COURT ROAD, BRISTOL BS6 7EH  on 2022-04-01   SUPPORT

I completely support this application.It is vital that the development is easily accessible by public transport. This should includeintegrating the development with a new Ashton Gate railway station, and ensuring that dedicatedbus services are provided for events.

Councillor Tessa Fitzjohn  CITY HALL BRISTOL  on 2021-10-06   OBJECT

I am writing to raise my concerns regarding the proposed application.This will be significant development, which will have considerable impact on the area, particularlytransport, increasing noise and pollution and these issues need to be addressed before thisdevelopment can go ahead.I support the additional sporting facilities to include basketball courts, which will be the centrepieceof the development, and in favour of introducing professional basketball training, and consider itwill be very popular to a wider more diverse audience, which is good for South Bristol.My concerns centre on the reasons listed below:ParkingThis development will generate a significant increase in traffic, and need for further parking in andaround the stadium in an area that is already crowded, and residents unable to find parking closeto their homes.Parking will be aggravated by the impending Clean Air Zone, and since there is no parkingrestrictions in most of Bedminster residents will receive even more out of town visitors parking upand catching the bus into the Centre.The extra jobs generated by the new development are likely to arrive by car and use the new multistorey that holds up 540 cars.A future rail link at Ashton Gate is essential to enable a sustainable solution to excess parking.Network Rail know this is an issue and I encourage Ashton Gate management to recognise theirresponsibility in finding sustainable solutions to Bedminster's transport issues before thisapplication can be successful.

Tall towersI am pleased to see that the tower block has been reduced by 5 storeys to 14, even so I agreewith the Bristol Civic Society who note ' it will mask the unique topography of the city and harmvalued views.'Also Historic England lists their concern for the Repton designed garden in the grounds of AshtonCourt Mansion who are concerned that the views will be jeopardised by the high rise development.According to the Urban Living Supplementary Planning Document, (SPD) any taller elementsshould not front onto the façades of the buildings, and only be applied to discrete elements, notthe entire block or frontage. This building will dominate and be out of character for the area andshould be avoided.Community involvementThe SPD says that a key success factor in high density developments is early and sustainedcommunity involvement. I would like to see greater commitment to this.

Mr Andrew Goddard  26 DINGLE CLOSE BRISTOL  on 2021-10-01   SUPPORT

It can only be good for Bristol


I fully support this application. Much needed.

    on 2021-09-27  


an important facility that could offer much improved access to those from outside the area,

including away team supporters.

Access by foot

One way of reducing the number of cars trying to reach the area when there are events is to

encourage use of the Long Ashton Park & Ride for parking. However this would require a much

better pedestrian link from the Park & Ride to the venue. There is an opportunity to provide such a

pedestrian link as part of the associated development of Longmoor Village. In our comments on that

planning application (21/03166/P), we suggest this is sufficiently important that the Longmoor

Village development is not approved unless such a route can be provided.

Public realm surrounding the development

In order to allow a greater proportion of the visitors to the venue to arrive either by walking or by

using public transport, the public realm around the outside of the development needs improvement.

We welcome raised table junctions to the site from Marsh Road, for the hotel access road and for

the crossing of Wedlock Way, but ask that these use Continuous Footway design conventions to

make it clear that pedestrians have priority over road traffic.

The new raised-table crossing on Ashton Road should be made into a zebra crossing, to show that

pedestrians have priority.

We welcome the provision of an 8m wide single-stage Toucan crossing across Winterstoke Road.

Since it is single-stage (as described in 4.82 of the Transport Assessment Part 1), there should be no

central reservation in the middle (as shown in Figure 4.7). However, this crossing also needs

compatible improvements to access on the south-west side of the road to provide better pedestrian

connections to buses, trains (in the future) and the Long Ashton Park & Ride.

Bristol Walking Alliance

27 September 2021

Mr Gavin Marshall  58 SAINT ALBAN'S ROAD BRISTOL  on 2021-09-22   SUPPORT

  40 WINTERSTOKE HOUSE   on 2021-08-17  

Mr Alan Pratley  155, SWISS DRIVE, ASHTON VALE, BRISTOL  on 2021-08-05   OBJECT


I am against this planning application, for the following reasons:-

1. The height of the buildings are far too high for this area and will look totally out of place. Thestadium at the moment is a huge eyesore without more high buildings.2. Parking every day in the area is extremely bad without these extra buildings, events, etc.3. Traffic in the area is already at a high volume causing excessive noxious fumes that affect theneighbours without more fumes that this development would cause.4. These facilities would require a large number of staff to run (Hotel staff (232 rooms to clean,receptionists, etc.), Reception staff for conferences, gate staff for Basketball + attendees, peopleto run bars, catering). Where are all of these people going to park?5. 125 Residential units would require a large number of parking spaces, with perhaps 2 parkingspaces wanted per unit?6. Besides the above you could have another 5,202 standing people attending a music event,where a large number of them will use their own transport.7. Although the area has had floodwater improvements since 1968 these buildings (if built) wouldbe on the previous hugely flooded area. With the present climate emergency with sea levels risingand rainwater levels likely to rise, is this wise to build on a low sea level site?8. Have all these facilities adequate ramps, changing place toilets, lifts, parking spaces, etc. forhandicapped people?

The BS3 Planning Group  BS3 PLANNING GROUP BRISTOL  on 2021-08-02  

We are generally in favour of the development of the sports and conference centre buthave some reservations about the planned residential building and transport issues in particular;

Ashton residence - Building looks too high against the adjoining 2 storey houses

Winterstoke Residence - one single fire escape stair, looks to be not enough. This building alsoappears to be too close to the busy road for sound and pollution issues.

There appears to be no affordable housing planned?

Public transport - extra buses/ routes do not seem to have been considered, only walking andcycling routes?

Sustainablilty - current plans only just me BREEAM excellent standards and as the developmentprogresses and changes need to be made it is unlikely to get better - this is not really aiming highenough.

Not net zero carbon - not good enough in these times

Match day transport - already poor, can only get worse with increased capacity and moreresidential space. Named local rail stations are not close enough for most patrons. The Park and

Ride may also be considered to be too far away as well.

Neighbourhood survey - locals have received publicity but this did not help anyone find the detailson the planning portal as the application numbers were not included, deliberately opaque?

Visual Impact - the view in this area part of the heritage of the location, these must not beobscured.

The opening of the Brook was seen as a positive move but this will need to be cleaned andimproved as part of the works and the water quality tested.

Impact of increased number of residents on water requirements and sewers? These will needfurther review.

Mrs Christine Pratley  155 SWISS DRIVE ASHTON VALE BRISTOL  on 2021-07-30   OBJECT

I object to the planning application 21/03165/F for the following reasons:-There are too many buildings on the site, some of the buildings are even higher than the newstadium which is so very wrong as the new stadium is too high. It will ruin the skyline i.e. TheSuspension Bridge, Cabot Tower Brandon Hill & Ashton Court etc.

Winterstoke Road can't cope with the traffic as it is now without all the vehicles which will be usedto get to all these new premises, many of these premises will also need workers who will also usetheir cars, even if they live nearby.There will be more traffic needing to get in and out onto Winterstoke Road which will cause evenmore hold ups on Winterstoke Road.There is no decent bus service to get to the site, so people will use their cars to get to events.There will be more pollution which won't help the ozone layer. This could affect the children whoplay nearby in Gores Marsh Park.

When football or other events are on residents living nearby & the surrounding areas have to putup with cars parked everywhere some in a dangerous way & some areas are used as a rat run,driving faster than the 20mph. speed limit with no thought for the safety of local residents.

I am worried with what is planned that there could be not one or two events in a week but twoevents in one day or night. This will cause more noise from the music & the crowds of peopleattending. It is unfair for residents living in the vicinity & on young children trying to get to sleep.

There is no need for a gym, there are already 3 nearby i.e. South Liberty Lane, Winterstoke Road& Bedminster. These already cause extra car parking in the area. The existing Gyms will alsoloose trade with another one in the vicinity.

I feel very sorry for residents who moved in when it was just a football club, not knowing that therewould be so many more events & facilities put there.

I hope you understand my concerns why these plans shouldn't be passed for the sake of residentsliving nearby & in the local area who if will affect.


Comments on Planning Proposal 21/03165/F

Site Address Land to the West of Ashton Gate StadiumAshton RoadBristolBS3 2EL

Description Demolition of existing buildings and the phased redevelopment of the site to comprisea sports and convention centre, a hotel, 125 residential units, office accommodation, retail, gym,club museum, multi-storey car park, public realm improvements and landscaping, new internalaccess routes, new and improved vehicular and pedestrian accesses and infrastructure and otherassociated works and improvements on land west of Ashton Gate Stadium (Major).


I am most familiar with the area in question for the proposed redevelopment.I am unalterably opposed to the proposals here.The boundary itself is surrounded on all sides by road and otherwise by residential,Industrial and office space. Within the boundary, land already belonging to and in use by AshtonGate Stadium is itself bordered to the west by Collier's Brook.

On the proposals in order.

What kind of Sports and Convention centre? How big is the space needed for what sport and howmany people can it or needs to hold? The double unit is already taken up by Dreams and Wickes.How many people can it hold? I would say 5000 at most. The owner of Bristol City also ownsBristol Rugby Club and a Basketball team Bristol Flyers. Now is this intended to be a new groundfor Bristol Flyers? If it proves popular then, easily the space is not enough. Conventions tend to bebig, organised affairs. Several hotels in Bristol can offer this facility and do it well. Given what elseis intended in a relatively small enclosed space. The only way to make room is to build upwards.

A Hotel. I am at a loss as to what need a Hotel serves here. To be fair this is a middle of the tableChampionship side. If BCFC were Premier League promotion hopefuls or dominant in theChampionship. I could see a use for it but otherwise no. There are Hotels and a number of GuestHouses in the surrounding area that can be used.

So 125 residential units. Blocks of Flats surely! Now where I am there are 3 blocks to the east ofAshton Gate Stadium, backing onto it but they have a courtyard of grounds with car parking andgarages. These are 60 flats with the Ground Floor and 10 other floors so 11 storeys. These wouldbe 12 storeys with an extra floor and 2 of them. They as everything else to me has to go west ofCollier's Brook but where? I am certain they would be effectively surrounded by other aspects andagain dominate the skyline for miles. Car Parking as well? I doubt it.

Office accommodation. A joke surely! Given that under related cases there are 7 propertiesincluding 5 buildings that are due to be demolished under these proposals. Including CumberlandHouse and Midas House. Demolish existing then build new with the same use in mind? Again anyCar Parking? What can it offer here that other office buildings cannot? I don't see much of a viewagain being surrounded by all the other buildings that are intended here. It's not as if a Trainstation or even a Bus service is that easily accessible here.

Retail. Utterly pointless given all that has happened since March 2020 and only a semblance ofgetting back to normal from 19th July 2021 yet places are free to keep restrictions. A sector almostwiped out as dependent on footfall from people and mass gatherings. East Street is almost wipedout with the decay and deprivation. North Street is struggling too. Broadmead is almost the sameway as East Street. Why finish them off with a development until 19th July 2021 for 16 months thatpeople weren't allowed to use, go shopping or socialise and gather in any way with a most hostileand unfriendly environment. There is the South Bristol Retail Park next door where the oldWinterstoke Road Bus and Coach depot was and a little further up at a Commercial Block. Therewas Carphone Warehouse but now a Subway.

The local area does well out of the footfall from home fans especially coming into the stadium. TheBon Bon, local shops and food joints, Clarke's Pies.

Adding more Retail is a pointless waste, given it is struggling and for 8 days now has a slightchance of recovery.

Gym. There is already one at the old Blockbuster video where Sainsbury's is at Winterstoke Road.Another is at the old Bedminster Library. Not needed at all!

Club Museum. A nice idea. Where would it go? Could it be situated at the existing site at AshtonGate. If there was less development, then it could be a focal point but there is a lot intended to bebuilt on a relatively small and enclosed space. I am surprised that wasn't a consideration when theoriginal improvements on site went ahead in the first place.

Multi-storey car park. A new entrance needed surely for a start and an exit too. How big and howhigh? It can't be the size of the Galleries for instance and that was always a pain to exit with asweeping descending turn to an exit and narrow to get into and around. One lane going in andonly a bus lane coming the other way and so a total gridlock for miles. It held 1200 spaces offhand was only used at 2/3 capacity to avoid dangerous air pollution levels. Gridlock for miles dueto bad layout and vehicles going nowhere for hours what does one expect.

Even at half the size for 600 cars and say 4 people to a vehicle at most that is only 2400 people.Not much. Again for a home game, the vast majority of home fans come in by foot.

How high and again dominating the skyline. Only to be used by fans on matchdays at home or allyear round? For a fee? Again tall, dominate and with road layouts being what they are in Bristol Idoubt the present road layout could handle the vehicles.

Public realm improvements and landscaping. To me that is just works to try and tidy up the messleft by a development. The development in Paxton Drive is a great example of clashing, uglyblocks and straight lines in different proportions. There used to be a sweeping view from AshtonPark up to Ashton Court and beyond, now gone, ruined with all this in the way. Winter andespecially Snow is good, it hides the buildings.

New internal access routes. Well roads and pavements and perhaps overhead enclosedwalkways, even tunnels.

New and improved vehicular and pedestrian accesses and infrastructure and other associatedworks and improvements on land west of Ashton Gate Stadium (Major).

Well to me, more roads and pavements and anything else the developers want to add.

To me this is pointless and wasteful development on the same lines as many others. Almostalways shops, offices, restaurants. Three areas that have almost been wiped out since March


I cannot see all this fitting in this space, especially that Collier's Brook itself forms a natural borderto the west of Ashton Gate already in use. The only way it may fit is upwards and needing moreentrances and exits and where would it fit. A towering dominating area of skyline for miles andagain doubtful the existing road layout, given Bristol City Council's obsession against motortransport of any kind, except buses and always bicycles. The penchant for pedestrianisation, cycleroutes and bus lanes. As always whatever remains for motor vehicles is always in use. Theproposed retail will cause huge harm, if it is ever used, to the surrounding area, as far asBroadmead and East Street. The proposed Sports and Convention centre, too small ultimately tobe usable. The rest not needed. There are two main entrances one in Ashton Road and the otherin Winterstoke Road with pedestrian access available from Raynes Road, not altered in a verylong time. Overall a very tall and dominate development which will dominate the skyline for miles.

Given that Collier's Brook is a natural border to the west of existing land in use. Surely that doesnot mean that John Atyeo's statue will be relocated and that area redeveloped?

The existing area includes Wickes a builders merchants and general hardware. Access to theiryard from Winterstoke Road next door to Ashton Gate is no problem at the moment. Dreams forbeds too but Wickes will be the biggest loss. The loss of two office buildings in Cumberland Houseand Midas House, the loss of 2-3 Marsh Road and land on Marsh Road and Winterstoke Road.There is an existing showroom and former Miles Motor Company building and the old Braby workswith it's building silos and for all outsize constructions of silos, tanks and vessels. The triangle partbetween Marsh Road and Winterstoke Road where the old Cathedral Garage (Art Deco buildings)was for generations now replaced by big blue storage units. Charnwood House opposite that issupposed to stay. I am not sure how long the South Bristol Retail Park will keep going with thisdevelopment. There will be a lot of traffic between Ashton Road, Marsh Road, Smyth Road,Winterstoke Road and Wedlock Way and more so I expect quite the gridlock for miles without vastchanges to road layout in the surrounding area.

Only Fools and Horses was almost entirely filmed in Bristol and around here especially for NelsonMandela House and Boycie's Car Showroom among others. It would be of more use keepingthings as they are, many fans come here on tours.Like any new development. Construction will benefit from it but I find it a pyrrhic victory. I amreminded of WD & HO Wills reminding the architect for the new Wills Tower for the University ofBristol that you are building for permanency.

Once something is redeveloped, whatever was before, is almost never coming back.

For any benefit to Bristol and especially Ashton Gate Stadium. This is completely pointless to me,no useful purpose at all and crippling damage if it does go ahead.

As from the start I remain unalterably opposed to this planning proposal.

Mr Gary Roberts  18 UPTON ROAD BRISTOL  on 2021-07-25   OBJECT

It is bad enough trying to find a parking space in Southville on matchdays. There seemsto be no consideration for residents. My husband works shifts and very often has to drive aroundfor an hour waiting for spectators to come back to their cars so he can park. We considerourselves lucky to find a space in Souhville, let alone near our house. Should we find a place inour street we would get a lottery ticket as the chances of a jackpot win is on parr finding a parkingspace on matchday evenings.


19 July 2021.


Bristol Civic Society supports, in principle, the development of the land adjoining Ashton GateStadium which will create a sporting and hospitality hub of benefit to the City and south Bristol inparticular and boost employment opportunities in the area. However, the Society is generallyaverse to tall residential buildings. They are visually intrusive and, unless very well managed,frequently result in poor living conditions for their occupants. We welcome the four storeyreduction in the height of the residential tower but the Society cannot support the impact of thehigh buildings on the topography of the city and valued views.

We urge the developers, Bristol City Council and transport providers to maximise public transportaccessibility, and other measures that could lead to a further reduction in on-site parking in orderto achieve a sustainable development.

Overall View.

The Society has not changed its earlier overall view on the proposed development namely,

"The Society strongly supports the new uses that the Club wishes to introduce. In addition to thecreation of a centre for sporting excellence, the scheme will be a substantial investment of privatemoney in south Bristol. Expansion would considerably increase local employment opportunities foryoung people with modest educational attainments. Aspirations include attracting residentialconferences business to the stadium. The Society supports the introduction of new homes on thesite."

Building heights and impacts on views.

We are however, opposed to the proposed 14 storey tower block. Our concerns over the socialand environmental harm arising from high living were conveyed at length in our February 2019submission to the developers and we are disappointed that such a tall residential building remainspart of the scheme although we acknowledge its reduction from 18 storeys. The location of theresidential tower adjacent to the main road is also not ideal. The Society has considered theverified views submitted with the application and conclude that, contrary to the Urban Living SPD,the proposal would hide or mask the topography of the city and harm valued views from keyvantage points. The following views taken from the application exemplify our concerns:

Views 1 and 2 - These show the proposed buildings breaking the skyline and thus being at oddswith the topography of the city which sits beneath the skyline in these views;View 4 - Similar to views 1 and 2 plus diminishing the significance of Cabot Tower and BrandonHill;View 17 - Looking south across the site the view of the hills near Dundry will be harmed and theskyline broken;View 20 - The buildings are prominent to the point of harming the view towards and across the sitefrom above Ashton Court at Woodmans Cottage.

We would like the new buildings to be no higher than the football stadium stands. If the CityCouncil considers the residential high building acceptable, the Society urges that it is designed toa high standard for market rent or purchase so that its occupants would, on the whole, choose tolive there and it would be well managed.

Transport considerations.

The Society understands that the proposed development will generate a considerable number ofcar journeys and we urge the developers to maximise public transport accessibility and not to giveup on securing a train station at Ashton Gate. We ask the Council to work with the developers andpublic transport providers to ensure a high degree of sustainability minimising road traffic andmaximising public transport access. The Society appreciates that the Portishead line is still someyears from opening to passengers but there is a longer term opportunity to provide an interchange

between the rail line and the metrobus. This would not only improve public transport accessibilityto the stadium but also have wider benefits for those travelling between Bristol and points on thePortishead line. The proposed development could act as a catalyst to bring the necessaryagencies together.

The potential of the Long Ashton Park and Ride to reduce the number of car trips to the stadiumand its environs should also be fully explored. We would hope that this would reduce the need foron-site parking. Further reduction of the number of spaces provided on-site would be welcomed bythe Society. We also urge the developers to continue working with the City Council on measuresto keep road traffic bound for the stadium away from the city centre. The proposed multi storey carpark is a dominant feature of the development. The Society urges that its visual prominence isreduced as much as possible.

We note that the proposals include cycling hubs. We urge plentiful provision convenient forentrances and overlooked for enhanced security. The Society hopes that the development teamwill encourage the development of a walking and cycling route alongside Longmoor Brookbetween the Long Ashton Park and Ride and the stadium.

Public Realm.

We welcome the public realm proposals.


We support the proposal from Bristol City FC, we believe this will further enhance thearea and continue to see the location as a go to place. There seems a sensible balance betweenthe planning elements.

We work well with FC colleagues and hope this continues.

We trust that during the construction period that the highway, parking and customers are notimpacted to TrustFord and surrounding businesses but of course do understand the complicationsof building.

Miss Amy Partridge  64 ASHTON ROAD BRISTOL  on 2021-07-15   OBJECT

Overall I am not opposed to the redevelopment of the site to the West of Ashton Gate,however I do feel there are some issues which need addressing before I can support thisapplication.

The demolition of number 65 will greatly affect me at number 64 and I am not satisfied with thelack of detail surrounding this:At what height will the back garden wall be left? Will it be secure?The adjoining building sticks out further than the terrace, will a fence be built, or wall be left at thefront?What will the finish be like? Will the bathstone at the frontage be attentively finished?How tall will the planned trees grow, will there be a loss of light into garden? And will their rootsaffect my foundations?I am surprised at the absence of thought that appears to have been given to this considering thehigh attention to intricate details of the new builds. This doesn't bode well feeling like an oversight.

I also am very concerned about parking, it is already impossible to park outside (or anywherenear) our houses on match and event days. With many more events, more staff, more visitors andmore guests the free and unrestricted neighbouring roads will be full on a near daily basis. Aresident's parking zone is needed for the whole area, 7 days a week to allow us to live and work inthe area and have visitors to our homes. This needs to be implemented before any of theredevelopment commences and imposed 24/7.

Lee Walters And Eleanor Wilson  112 SMYTH ROAD BRISTOL   on 2021-07-15   OBJECT

Bristol City CouncilFAO: Richard Sewell

Dear Mr Sewell,Re: Application No: 21/03165/FSite address: Land To The West Of Ashton Gate Stadium Ashton Road BristolWe are writing to object to the development proposed for the land to the west of Ashton Gate Stadium, comprising a sports and convention centre, a hotel, 125 residential units, office space, retail space, a gym, club museum, multi-storey care park and new access roads and other associated works. We have lived in the immediate vicinity of the site on and off for 35+ years, and bought our home on Smyth Road three years ago. So we are an immediate neighbour of the proposed development and will be directly impacted by it. We would like to object to the development on the following grounds:1. Visual amenity - The proposed development is much higher than other buildings in the area, with the exception of the stadium which is already an eyesore. Another large, bulky development in the area will significantly change the feel of the area which currently benefits being edged by countryside and green spaces at nearby Ashton Court and the Green Belt between the stadium and Long Ashton.2. Traffic - The development would draw much more traffic to an area that already struggles with excess traffic whenever there is an event at the stadium. There are

frequently delays on Winterstoke road. Adding more cars to that mix will significantly worsen the issue. They will also add to local air pollution issues which is already dreadful. Our windows are frequently covered in black, sooty grime. We have a young child, so this is of particular concern to us.3. Parking - The area has a well-known problem with unsafe street parking which is especially bad on match days, due to attendees looking to avoid having to pay for parking. The provision of a multi-storey carpark that attendees must pay for will not address this issue. So anything that attracts additional cars trying to avoid paying for parking will lead to more frequent and more unsafe parking on our local streets. Another issue that is particularly worrying when you have children.4. Noise - We are concerned both about the noise, dust and disruption likely to occur during construction, but also ongoing noise disturbance from more events taking place there and more crowds at the complex.

For these reasons, we would like our objection to the development to be taken into account when the Council is considering the application. And we would urge the Council to reject the proposal in its current form.

Yours sincerely,Lee Walters and Eleanor Wilson

  40 WINTERSTOKE HOUSE   on 2021-07-15  

Miss Judie Davidson  60 ASHTON ROAD ASHTON BRISTOL  on 2021-07-14   OBJECT

The proposed expansion plans of Ashton Gate should not be allowed to go ahead untilparking plans and restrictions are put into place.

A RPZ needs to be put in place before any redevelopment commences. Parking in theAshton/Bedminster area is a major issue already. Adding additional businesses/residential areaswith little or no parking is unrealistic. Although Ashton Gate say they employee a lot of staff locallythey still drive their cars to the stadium. If people can park for free they will. If they can drive theywill. This is evident on match day events when the security staff arrive at 10am 5hrs before thestart of a game and leave at 5.30-6pm. If this is on a weekday it will be at 3pm when the gamestarts at 7.45pm. They then leave after 10pm. This makes it impossible for any resident returninghome to find anywhere to park. Bar staff arrive shortly after these times and then the numerousticket holders.If Bristol Council are allowing large scale redevelopments without adequate parking then full RPZ'sshould be put in place to stop this. The RPZs should be 24/7 as the staffing requirements at thisredevelopment are 24/7. Such as security and reception type roles.It was made very clear in the consultation meeting that this was a major issue and it needs to beaddressed. Bristol city council have a responsibility to the local community.The stadium has increased the events held here year on year from football to rugby, large scalemusic events, exhibitions and festivals. With the addition of a basketball arena which can be usedfor exhibitions and concerts this could mean there could be a large scale event on everyday. Thelocal community should be able to park and have visitors to their homes without having to

constantly battle with the stadium events.The only way to promote public transport usage is to make it impossible for non local residents topark in the local vicinity of the redevelopment.Other transport options are either expensive or not convient resulting in cars parked in the localarea.

Ashton Gate are promoting this redevelopment as becoming a major employer. These employeesneed to get to work. They are unlikely to be allocated spaces in the new car park as this is anincome generator for the stadium.

The residents of Ashton who sign up to the newsletter were given a weeks notice to a RussellHoward event to be held in the stadium every night for a week, with an additional matineeperformance on the Saturday of up to 2000 people. Where do all these ticket holders park? Wheredo all the security/bar staff park? On the surrounding roads of Ashton Gate!!!!!

The proposed Multi-Storey Car Park will not be offered staff, it is there to make the hotel businessviable.

The life of residents should not be inconvenienced for the total benefit of Bristol Sport.

Mr Ben Carlson-Davies  30 ASHTON ROAD BRISTOL  on 2021-07-05   SUPPORT

This is an important development for the local community and is long overdue. Thecurrent buildings are an eye-sore and add no value to the area.

The new complex will bring a fantastic new energy to Ashton with a full range of sports andevents. The approach to the consultation and iterative design has been impressive and reallypositive to see the addition of much needed sports and leisure facilities on the roof of the arena(which will hopefully be available free or low cost).

Laura & Nicholas Cory  49 ASHTON ROAD   on 2021-07-03   OBJECT

We are concerned about the lack of provision for car parking as it is already very difficult for nearby residents to park.

Can the parking zone be extended to cover Ashton Road and the developers plan additional parking at the site

Laura and Nicholas Cory

Mr Michael Sandrone  99 SMYTH ROAD ASHTON BRISTOL  on 2021-07-01   SUPPORT

Hope this gets approved will create many jobs and be a great enhancement to the area,long needed development.

Mr Adrian Noon  67 SMYTH ROAD ASHTON BRISTOL  on 2021-06-30   OBJECT

Concerned about the following (rather bland) statement about anti-social local parkingnot limited to match days or events. There is an element of truth in that, but the volume of theissue increases dramatically on event days which are currently limited to sporting events andconcerts. That number will increase significantly unless that car parking structure is free, which iassume will not be.A residential car parking scheme (that is actually monitored during the events) unlike the schemein Southville which is monitored early in the morning only, thus avoiding any conflicts with illegalevents parking. Has to be in place alongside the developments else it will result in additionaldelays for public transport and emergency services. I am surprised those impacts are notmentioned in the study as these have been widely reported. Also the wording on the RPZagreement eeds to be better worded than the embarrassing version associated with the previousstadium development (a.k.a. when is a crowd of 25k not really 25k)

Mr Phil Stevens  95 SMYTH ROAD BRISTOL  on 2021-06-30   OBJECT

Please can we have some more clarity on plans for traffic and transport.

Winterstoke road, in particular the messy road junctions by the new storage place are a nightmare.What on earth will they be like with all the extra traffic for the car park, homes, offices, gyms,shops, sport etc.

How is there not a major focus on public transport. What about buses, trains, park and ride. Weneed to have details of this rather than a 'hope' that you might use the park and ride.

Surrounding roads are already a nightmare for parking and people using as cut throughs.

How have we not had yellow lines painted already to stop match days parking in dangerous (andeven bus blocking) spots.

Mr John Eley   39 RAYNES RD BRISTOL  on 2021-06-30   OBJECT

I think one football stadium is enough in Ashton they are cramming all this in on a mainRd building multi story car park attracting thousands more people who will drive making even moreair pollution and that's with out the thousands who will be living in the new houses they arebuilding

Mr Ed Pitt  63 ASHTON ROAD   on 2021-06-25  

I think (but might be wrong!) that there are a couple of small errors/omissions with planning application 21/03165/F for the new Ashton Gate Arena:

Firstly, the 'Properties' list under 'Related Cases' does not include 65 Ashton Road, which is set for demolition and I would have expected to see it listed here.

Secondly, under 'Constraints' you seem to have Ashton Road classed as an 'A' road, and I can't find any evidence that it is actually an A road. Is this an error?

Mr Simon Hill  42 ASHTON ROAD BRISTOL  on 2021-06-21   OBJECT

As submitted my main concern is parking.The car parking plans in the Transport Assessment Part 1 are somewhat optimistic but alsohighlight some existing issues which the proposal will simply compound:- S5.25 uses 2.7 persons per vehicle for music events when industry standard appears to be 2.4 -meaning an additional 120 spaces would be required- S5.29 acknowledging that the plans cannot accommodate the required parking (based on theiroptimistic numbers) and simply stating a travel plan will be needed to promote off site parkingwithout specifying where does not provide a viable answer- The residential developments (S5.39 & S5.44) propose 64 car parking spaces, against the BristolLocal Plan standards (S2.28 ) of 187 spaces. Expecting the shortfall to taken up by publictransport is wishful thinking. This will simply move the problem on to the local area.- The expectation that people will pay for parking in the MSCP when "free" parking is available onthe streets- The plan that the applicant will try not to run events in both the Stadium and the SCC at the sametime rather than a clear commitment not to (S5.58)- Looking forward and the wider governmental plans to promote electric car ownership offpetrol/diesel the provision of charging points is inadequate- The use of Ashton Road as a coach/bus parking area (S4.57) - this issue was most recentlyhighlighted in the Hartlepool-Torquay match on 20th June 2021 when Ashton Rd had to be closedby the police after traffic congestion due to coaches parking up here from two hours before kickoff.

Based on my experience of living here for 20 years and the growth in the usage of the ground(which does bring benefits) the Stadium is unable to provide adequate parking facilities as thingsstand for match days and this is exacerbated by concerts and building works, where security andcontractors park on the local roads.Over the last 20 years the size and usage of the main stadium has increased - the football seasonis longer; we have had rugby added and large-scale music events. The plans now propose moreto add more events with increased noise - not just from the events but from customers arriving andleaving, service vehicles etc. The cumulative impact of the ever-increasing amounts of events andrelated noise need to be considered.My about comments concern parking but the cumulative impact of more events on noise pollutionshould not be ignored. For the most part this is on days of events and as such I will leave thatmatter for any future licensing applications.In order to allay some of these issues it is therefore imperative that Residents Parking Zones areintroduced in the local area immediately covering 9am - 9pm, 7 days a week before any buildingwork commences and that the residential developments in the plans are classified as "low cardevelopments".The development would, overall, bring a number of benefits to the area and I am not opposed to itin principle. However, as things stand the impact of traffic, parking and noise on the local area willhave a significant negative effect on the area and the residents, creating public nuisance and I cannot support this development at this time.

Mr Ed Pitt  63 ASHTON ROAD BRISTOL  on 2021-06-18   OBJECT

Despite much of this proposal being very much welcome, this an objection for thefollowing reasons. I may write more in another comment later.

Residents need parking control:

The applicant's response to parking concerns in the 'Statement of Community Involvement' iswoefully inadequate. The endless focus on 'Matchday parking' which they're happy to persist, isdisguising the real problem that is present daily now for the nearest neighbours, and will spread tothe whole Ashton area once these new facilites are built. The local community is yet to wake up tothe reality that this is a major regional employment hub and events venue with poor publictransport links, and that we live in nearby streets with absolutely no parking control. Near-dailyevents will mean near-daily 'matchday' parking demand.

Every event sees Ashton Road turned into a scramble for staff parking, with staff sometimesparking dangerously, and sometimes reserving roadside space for others. I have photographs andfootage documenting this. With even more proposed event space, and more events, more staffand visitors will park in the free and unrestricted streets nearby - Ashton Road, Bower AshtonTerrace, Raynes Road, Gerald Road, Baynes Road, Smyth Road, Duckmoor Road etc. And let'sbe clear, the proposed Multi-Storey Car Park will not be offered staff, it is there to make the hotelbusiness viable, and to most the cost will be prohibitive.

125 new residential units are proposed, with only 33 parking spaces. The BCC policy tounderprovide for parking is designed to discourage car use, but it fails to discourage carownership. Their cars or course will be parked in the free and unrestricted streets nearby - AshtonRoad, Bower Ashton Terrace, Raynes Road, Gerald Road, Baynes Road, Smyth Road, DuckmoorRoad etc.

10 floors of office space are proposed with potentially hundreds of workers on site every day.Many will drive to work, and of course they will park in the free and unrestricted streets nearby -Ashton Road, Bower Ashton Terrace, Raynes Road, Gerald Road, Baynes Road, Smyth Road,Duckmoor Road etc.

The hotel will need a daily team of staff of perhaps about 50 people. Many will drive to work. Theywill of course park in the free and unrestricted streets nearby - Ashton Road, Bower AshtonTerrace, Raynes Road, Gerald Road, Baynes Road, Smyth Road, Duckmoor Road etc.

Several evening events per week could be held at the new arena. Many visitors will park in thefree and unrestricted streets nearby - Ashton Road, Bower Ashton Terrace, Raynes Road, GeraldRoad, Baynes Road, Smyth Road, Duckmoor Road etc.

Every evening in Ashton could be like 'match day'. As long as there is free unrestricted parkingoutside in the streets then staff, crew and visitors will use it. It is laughable that such a largeemployment centre and draw for visitors has no parking control in neighbouring streets. RPS/RPZfor the whole area, 7 days a week, is needed to protect residents' amenity, and allow GrevilleSmyth Park visitors to park their cars short-term. Also, the development needs to be properlyclassified as a 'low car development', to ensure that residents of the flats cannot secure parkingpermits.

In 2015 the stadium transformed from a relatively sleepy football stadium to "The South West'slargest events venue", and the council then failed to consider the impact on neighbours. Now isthe time protect us from this, instead of throwing us to the wolves. It is not the applicant'sresponsibility to install an RPS/RPZ for the area, it is the Council's. Until it is installed in thisneighbourhood I cannot support this development at all.

Demolition of number 65 Ashton Road:There is too little detail about the demolition of this property and how the newly-exposed end wallof number 64 will be treated. It is not a simple job, and correct finishing of bathstone will berequired to the frontage of number 64. The proposal to landscape this patch is welcome but thetrees proposed immediately next to 64 could grow to 25 metres in the future and I am concernedthat light could be lost and damage could be caused by roots. Could different types of tree be

considered? Has anyone considered these issues?

Service yard noise:By far the most disruptive noise for near neighbours is not the events, but the moving of andremoval of waste around and from the site, due to it's volume and frequency. I hope the proposedservice yard will replace the current setup of skips and negate the need to have trolleys, cages,carts and skip lorries running behind our houses, often outside of licensed hours. I am concernedby one of the noise illustrations showing the new service yard in use at night and the noise levelsthis would produce. I would hope that the service yard is rarely in use at night as the noise levelsillustrated would be unacceptable to residents of Plot 6 and my end of Ashton Road.

Building services noise:It's not clear to me where the building services (extraction, aircon, power etc) is on the new SCCbuilding, and I can't see any noise study for it. These kind of installations can be very disruptiveespecially at night, and the omission of it, or my failure to find it, is of concern.