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Council BCC
Reference 21/06075/F
Address 23A Swiss Road Bristol BS3 2RU  
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Ward Bedminster
Proposal Alterations and extension of No.23A and the erection of 2no. dwelling houses to the rear with associated access, parking, and work.
Validated 18-11-21
Type Full Planning
Status Decided
Neighbour Consultation Expiry 04-01-22
Standard Consultation Expiry 03-02-22
Determination Deadline 13-01-22
Decision GRANTED subject to condition(s)
Decision Issued 10-06-22
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BTF response: OBJECT

Recommendation submitted 01-03-22

Public Comments

Bristol Tree Forum  OBJECT

Dear Sirs,

We write to observe from the information available, that it is clear that neither an Arboricultural Impact Assessment nor and Arboricultural Method Statement have been prepared even though there are 'trees within a proposed application site, or on land adjacent to an application site (including trees in neighbouring gardens and street trees), that could influence or be affected by the development, including works such as site access, service routes and site compounds'.

Here is a Google Earth image of the nearby trees:

As you know, this evidence is required in section 23 of the Planning Application Requirements Local List 1st December 2017 and the application should not have been validated without them.

We are also concerned that, although the applicant's ecological report identifies biodiversity habitats, not biodiversity net gain calculation has been undertaken. We note this passage in the report:

However this is not sufficient as it does not deal with the likely lost biodiversity net gain if the application is granted. Can you please arrange for a Biodiversity Net Gain calculation to be provided.

Can you please place this application on hold until these requirements have been complied with.


Mark CD AshdownChair - Bristol Tree Forum

on 2022-03-14   OBJECT

I wish to add to my earlier objection. I have 2 mature trees in my garden that areimmediately next to the boundary of the application site. Looking at the applicants plans one treeappears to be situated immediately next to the proposed garage and the other 3 meters from oneof the proposed bungalows. The trees measure approximately 450- 500 cm's in diameter andcould be more than 60yrs old. I understand that the main roots could have a spread of 5 & 6meters at least and will easily fall within the foundation footprints of both constructions. I am veryconcerned that any construction/excavations work will likely cause damage to the roots and maykill the trees and may cause them to fall. This will be totally unacceptable and must be addressed.

on 2022-02-03   SUPPORT

Support this planning as its making homes for people, there is already access down theLane as there is two houses already down there which people drive down as I use to live innumber 56 I fully support this application

on 2022-01-05   OBJECT

We are very concerned about the new updated proposal for the alteration and extensionand erection of two new properties in the garden of 23A Swiss Road.

Drainage and floodingWe have several objections of which drainage and flooding are the most obvious. All the housessouth of the proposed site sit on a raised bank on this side of the road. Our main dirty water pipesrun parallel to the road at the back of all of these properties on the higher ground. Our main drainswill go under the proposed new road entrance to the development. The land then drops about 1.3m to the lower level of our gardens. This traditionally was a water meadow running off from thehills to the south. Our ground has about half a meter of topsoil and then solid bright yellow clay.During heavy bouts of rain, the topsoil absorbs this water, but very quickly - as it has clayunderneath - floods our gardens, sometimes to a depth of 20 to 30 cm. This happens fairlyregularly in the winter months (we can provide dramatic photographs of flooding in previousyears). So our concerns in this context are twofold: (1) any hole dug in the garden during thewinter will immediately fill with water. This means that the proposed houses' footings will be underwater. Any drains not shown on the plans will be deeper than the topsoil and enter the clay seam.This suggests, that without special pumping systems, any wastewater or rainwater will fill thedrains which will be constantly under the water table, and any water will therefore have to bepumped uphill to join up with our existing mains. (2) If planning permission is given and thesehouses are built, the regular flooding in all of our gardens will increase if the water is not allowed torun freely through the existing open meadow. This suggests that the flooding problem will never beresolved and irreversible. Who would be liable for compensating us for the permanent increasedflooding?

Bin storeThere is a strange anomaly in that the proposed two storey family house (23A) is allowing binstorage for properties not in its possession. This seems a temporary solution to an ongoingproblem. If this property is sold by its present owners, which we fully expect, the proposed twohouses will not automatically have this bin storage agreed to by new owners. Bin collection daywill also litter the pavement as the collection operatives will not put the bins back into theproperties. This road is used heavily in the mornings and afternoons by children going to and fromnursery and primary school as well as elderly people, so the impediment caused by the bins oncollection days would be a real challenge, not to mention that this would be extremely unsightlyfrom the pavement.

Vehicle accessVehicle access is also a problem as vehicles will exit on an already busy road with parking on bothsides causing potential pedestrian hazards. With proposed walls either side of the narrow accessroad, very little visibility will be given for reversing cars or pedestrians to see cars emerging.

WildlifeOur gardens have always been an absolute haven for wildlife: we regularly have endangered andprotected species such as slowworms, hedgehogs and foxes, newts and frogs resident or visitingour gardens as well as a wide variety of birds. We have many photographic references of these.We fear that this development will diminish an ever-vanishing wildlife area. There are also talltrees bordering the gardens, and the foundations of the proposed houses will interfere with theroots of some of the taller trees. Our fear is that developers will simply cut the trees down on theproperty to make room for the new houses.

on 2022-01-02   OBJECT

I strongly object to this proposed development for the following reasons:

a) Bin StorageA storage bin is proposed to take all the waste/recycling bins for the properties and placed onSwiss Road. Such a large storage area for up to 18 bins will be a huge eyesore on the street ofSwiss Road. It will also cause a dangerous situation to pedestrians on collections days when theempty bins will obstruct the highway as I do not think for one moment the refuse collectors willreturn up to 18 bins back in place.

b) Access laneThe narrow access lane where vehicles enter and leave the properties will be dangerous. Twovehicles will not be able to pass, it will be dangerous for pedestrians passing this access lane.Vehicles could be reversing. Children walk this route on their way to the local pre-school andschool.

c) FloodingAshton vale is low level. The back lane floods in our vicinity (Risdale Road) which is adjacent tothe proposed development. Concreting and tarmacking over such a large area in close proximityto our property will add to the problem.

d) Loss of habitat and wildlifeThis area is so important to the wildlife that abound there. It has slow worms and foxes and the

amount of birds that collect there is extraordinary and brings a lot of pleasure to residents. It'simportant more than ever now to hang on to green spaces as much as we can.I object to this being desecrated.

e) Visual impactThe proposed development to be built in a back garden is detrimental to this particular area andout of character. No consideration has been given to close neighbours who will have to put up withvehicles day and night leaving and entering the access lane and the added pollution it will cause.

I ask that you consider all my objections and the planning application is refused.

on 2022-01-02   OBJECT

I object to this proposed development which will be close to my property and garden.

My property and garden in Risdale Road is opposite the proposed site in Swiss Road. At themoment my garden floods at least halfway up the length of my garden in heavy rain. Therefore theamount of area proposed to be concreted over for 6 cars, paving, garages etc will have adamaging and detrimental affect.

on 2022-01-02   OBJECT

Access to this site is narrow and is dangerous for people /traffic entering & exiting thissite. There is a high risk of both pedestrian and vehicle accidents due to blind spots. I have live dhere for 25 + years and know that this road is rarely as empty as shown in the picture supplied inthe application. Also I note that it does not show how bad parking and busy the road/corner(SwissDrive to Swiss Road) opposite is.In the event of a fire I believe emergency services would have issue with access and therefor putlives at risk.Reduction in fence heights height(including ground raising) and position of buildings will result in asignificant loss of privacy.

The size and character of this development is not suitable for a back garden or the area. Impact ofnoise traffic and other social impacts have not been properly assessed.

Present drainage is not good enough. To add more demand to this system in this area with outsubstantial improvements is crazy.Flooding is an issue in the area and removal of an area which absorbs any rain fall isunacceptable. There has always been a small water course 'The Ryne' which helps drain wateraway this will be blocked by this development and will add to issues. My garden which backs ontothis development regularly is sodden to the stage water is siting onit rather than running away.

We strongly object to the loss of habitat. The ecological report states that exceptional population ofslow worms and that the whole site which is deemed as suitable reptile habitat will be removed toallow construction surely this should be protected. Each site being recommended for rehomingthese reptiles have none at present therefore these sites are probably not suitable.

This site is also home to hedge hogs again declining in numbers . Large numbers of birds gatherand eat here.Bristol city council need to protect small oasis like these.

We object to this development.

on 2022-01-02   OBJECT

I live at 18 Swiss Road and I have concerns regarding this application.

My greatest concern is that of flooding. There is a well built, deep drainage channel runningthrough the rear of our gardens in Swiss Road. In the '70s/early 80's there was no flooding.However, when there are periods of heavy rain, several gardens now flood extensively, includingmine, No 18. Approximately 2 thirds of our long gardens flood, up to 1-2 foot deep. I have takenseveral photos of this flooding. The drainage channel is probably no longer viable if it has beenblocked, silted up or built over in various areas, hence a cause of flooding. Further building will nodoubt exacerbate this worrying problem.

From footage of my wildlife camera, foxes and hedgehogs use these long gardens all the time atnight, every night.There are a surprising amount of birds, bats, insects and slow worms, due to the amount of greenand wild space along the Swiss Road gardens. What a shame to reduce so much of that greenarea.

I am concerned at the amount of car parking space planned, for 12 cars with a narrow access.Swiss Road is a fairly busy residential road and this may create a hazard for pedestrians and otherroad users.

Our side of Swiss Road is mainly comprised of old miners cottages. Two large 3 bedroomedhouses will be out of character in this area. Some of the cottages have a view of the surroundingcountryside, including Ashton Court Estate, which may be lost if the houses are built.

For these reasons, I ask that this planning application be refused.

on 2022-01-01   OBJECT

Swiss Road BS3 2RU is a mainly terraced road characterized by generous gardens.The demographic mainly comprises of families with young children and elderly people.

We live at 21 Swiss Road (next to the rear of the development) and object to the proposedapplication for the following reasons:

Access/AmenityThe proposed access/driveway between 23 and 23a is narrow, 2 vehicles cannot pass oneanother. There is likely to be vehicle conflict in the driveway meaning that one will need to reverseeither into the site or out onto Swiss Road. Delivery vans will have no choice but to reverse outdue to the limited turning circle or they will need to wait in the middle of Swiss Road to makedeliveries, blocking traffic on this thru-road. This will be dangerous to both pedestrians using thefootway and vehicles using Swiss Road. The plans propose that the boundary wall of 23 SwissRoad will be reduced in height to 600mm at the front for a length of 2.5 meters. This will bedangerous for the occupants of 23 with little protection from passing vehicles using the accessdrive. It is also proposed that the fence to the rear and side of the property will be reduced inheight to 1.8 meters. This will obviously cause a drastic loss of residential amenity/privacy for theoccupiers of 23 with traffic etc. passing both the side and in front of their primary living area whichis at the rear of the property. This area is raised above the lower garden level and now (as20/00104/H has been completed) has two full width glass bi-fold door sections and decking with aclear glass balustrade. This living area will be directly visible from both sides. The new kitchen anddining area of 23 is along the side of the proposed access driveway. The apparent 'garage' of 23pictured in the page 6 image of the 'Design & Access Statement' has been converted to a small

storage space and the remainder is living space. This application assumes that the owners of 23find this loss of privacy and increased traffic acceptable. HM land registry, Title BL75171 showsthe applicant does not control this wall/fence, indeed number 23 including the wall was built atleast 30 years before 23a 'The Bungalow'.

BinsA bin store large enough to cater for 18 bins (although the plans appear to show room for only 6)will be visually detrimental, totally out of character situated on Swiss Road and harmful to thestreet scene. Bin collection workers will not put the bins back into the bin store. Therefore, they willbe left strewn over the pavement forcing pedestrians into the road. The height and length of thestore will also create a blind spot to the left when exiting the site and to the right when entering.Given the blind corner of Swiss Drive and Swiss Road in close proximity to the site, this will bedangerous. Also, bungalows are traditionally occupied by less able people and the elderly. It couldbe challenging for future residents to drag 6 bins per household to the bin store once per week.

DrainsDespite previous concerns, the drainage facilities for foul water have not been specified. We areconcerned that the houses/bungalows will need to be raised by several meters to use the drains inSwiss Road. It will be totally unacceptable to have a concrete foundations/slab wall running theentire flank of the garden of 21 and 25a with cars coming and going above the height of thegardens and resulting in rain/water runoff and exhaust fumes entering our garden. This needs tobe clarified.

Size and characterThe footprint of the proposed houses/bungalows is excessive and out of character with the area.This application intends to convert the current bungalow 23a into a house therefore there will beno other bungalows in the vicinity. This contradicts the officer's report of 21/00163/P which states,"The scale and layout of proposed dwelling would be in keeping with the local vernacular as thereare a variety of house types in the area including another bungalow at 23A Swiss Road".No care or consideration has been given to the amenity of 21, 22, 23 and 25 which all boarder thedevelopment. The plans fail to properly take these properties into consideration. Also, the plansare incorrect/outdated as they do not show the correct footprint for 21 and similarly show No23before the completion of planning ref 20/00104/H. The application is devoid of a light/shadow,noise, and traffic surveys.

FloodingIt is known that there is a water course/small stream known locally as 'The Ryne' that runs throughthe middle of the gardens of Swiss Road. The purpose of 'The Ryne' is to attempt to channelexcess water through gardens during rainfall, continuing to and through the application site. During

heavy rain fall the gardens of Swiss Road flood. Tarmacking a large part of the area (howeverpermeable) will exacerbate this problem.


Wildlife habitat/EnvironmentWe object to the loss of wildlife even whilst there is an attempt to mitigate the loss of protectedwildlife (by catching and rehoming slowworms). Scant regard has been given to the overallenvironmental impact and ecosystem. The land is home to a variety of other wildlife. As immediateneighbours to the proposed site we are acutely aware of the presence and use of the land byfoxes, hedgehogs, mice and bats. Birdlife is prolific and at certain times of year the site is alsovisited by sparrow hawks. The gardens of Swiss Road are clearly an important area for localwildlife and destroying such a large section of this habitat will be detrimental to the wildlifepopulations of Ashton Vale as a whole.

With the above in mind, we respectfully request you reject this application.

on 2021-12-31   OBJECT

I object to this application, on the grounds of Access to the proposed properties. SwissRoad is a lot busier, than a simple map or plan would suggest, for a residential area. during therush hour periods, there are many school children walking up and down the road to and from thenearby Ashton Vale Primary, and PreSchool. Also many vehicles are trying to get upto southliberty lane to access the local businesses, as well as traffic coming down from south liberty lane (a marked increase since the opening of south liberty lane to the A370 /A38 relief road). Evenduring normal off peak and weekend times, there is always a steady flow of traffic up and downthe road,This traffic already causes many issues with the junction into Swiss Drive, which is practicallyoposite the entrance to the proposed site Development, and I do not feel the submitted plansadequately show the proximity to the junction.The view coming out of Swiss Drive, into Swiss Road is often impeded and restricted, due to theonstreet parking, and equally vehicles coming down swiss road, can not easily see vehiclesedging out of swiss drive, and so the entrance to 23A Swiss road frequently gets used as apassing point, to prevent gridlock.The transport statement shows visibility lines from the entrace/exit, but these do not take intoaccount the visibilty restrictions from the on street parking, and the bottleneck which is the junctioninto Swiss Drive, even with the additional Width.I feel the entrance to the proposed site would essentially make the bottom end of Swiss Road intoa 4 way Cross roads, and be extremely dangerous, and an accident waiting to happen.

on 2021-12-30   OBJECT

i object strongly to this planing the area is known for flooding what are the plans for therunoff once these once beautaful gardens and wildlife haven are gone forever for what to makesomeones wallet fatter

on 2021-12-29   OBJECT

I object to this application due to the following reasons,

Site EntranceSuch a narrow driveway serving three houses is dangerous, six cars going into and out of the sitewill be dangerous for pedestrians. In particular the small children who pass this entrance on theirway to and from nursery and primary schools. The existing turning onto Swiss Road from SwissDrive is already problematic with poor visibility as there are cars often parked either side of SwissRoad making it a single carriage way. Cars attempting to turn into and out of the site will need towait on Swiss Road should another be in the driveway. This will cause congestion and bedangerous to other road users. Also delivery lorries/trucks will also need to pause in the middle ofthe road as they will not be able to enter the site. The same can be said for visitor vehicles.

Bin storeThe placing of a bin store for 3 houses and 18bins will be unsightly. Half of the entire small frontgarden of 23a will comprise bins, also on collection day they will be left on the pavement, a furtherdanger and a health hazard.

FloodingThe gardens of Swiss Road flood. Building on this land will make the problem much worse as thewater will need to go somewhere.

WildlifeThis land is home to wildlife, some protected. To destroy this habitat is not acceptable in this dayand age.

on 2021-12-27   OBJECT

I have been living along with my family at 25a Swiss Road for over 35 years. As abuilder, I developed 25a from a brownfield and redundant community hall 'Jennings Hall' over 35years ago. Predating the NPPF by decades. Similar can be said of the Vale Foundry developmentwhich was also brownfield and developed in 2003. The application is to build on a 'non' brownfield'ecologically sensitive 'greenfield site'.

We live next door to the proposed development and our main living room will face thedevelopment. It is only 3 metres away from our boundary fence. We feel the height of thehouses/bungalows are excessive. Due to the excessive proposed height of the houses/bungalows,we will lose light as it is to the south of us.

The driveway/entrance of 25a Swiss Road has been photographed and referenced as part of the'Design and Access' document giving it as an example of backland development. I feel that anyattempt to reference 25a as similar to the proposed development is incorrect. Number 25a hasparking for 4 vehicles and a large turning circle, unlike the proposed developments that haveparking for 6 cars and a very tight area at the end of a long drive for vehicles to turn. The entranceof 25a is NOT situated on the busy through road section of Swiss Road unlike the proposeddevelopment. The driveway entrance serving 25a is flanked by garages and gardens, NOThabitable rooms which I believe is the case with the application. No 23 is next to the developmentsite entrance on Swiss Road and the main living, dining and outside decking area flanks theproposed driveway. This will cause loss of amenity to the present and future occupiers with noiseand light disturbances with the comings and goings of 6 cars.

During construction, heavy works vehicles will likely also damage the foundations of 23 and 23a.No mention is made regarding sewage drains. From personal experience the proposed houses willeither need to be raised significantly (2 meters in my experience) to meet the drains in SwissRoad, or drains will need to be laid in the private lane that runs along the back of Swiss Road andRisdale Road. Should this be the case, it will be disruptive and dangerous for the childrenattending the Ashton Vale pre-school situated on the lane. As restrictions have been placed onconstruction works timings (due to the ecology report and the disturbance to wildlife) it willprobably mean that these/any works could need to be carried out in term time!

The gardens in the area are prone to flooding and two large new houses will not help the situation.We also consider the entrance to be dangerous. This part of Swiss Road is a reasonably busythrough road. With 6 vehicles coming and going they are bound to meet in the entrance. Vehicleswill need to back out onto Swiss Road making it dangerous for pedestrians and road users.Indeed, a condition for the planning approval for 25a Swiss Road was that an adequate turningcircle was included to avoid cars backing out onto the road. The application/plans show a verysmall parking/turning area.

We object to a very large bin store for 3 houses that will need store the required 18 bins on SwissRoad. This will look unsightly, affect visibility and be a pedestrian hazard especially when left onthe pavement after collection. They will also smell during warm weather.

We also object to building on an ecologically sensitive site resulting in the loss of wildlife habitatand garden land, especially as Bristol City Council have announced a climate emergency and theneed to introduce a CAZ.

For all the above reasons we strongly object.

on 2021-12-21   OBJECT

This new planning application does not solve the issues raised with the previoussubmission and actually gives more reasons for refusal now the correct environmental studieshave been carried out.

The reports show the site is an important habitat for protected species and therefore should beunusable for development. On top of this the buildings and associated hard standing are a floodingrisk for the surrounding area.

The two houses are large and out of character with the surrounding rows of terraces.

The parking arrangement provides space for six cars, but the entrance/exit is narrow and only onevehicle can pass at a time - if vehicles meet this would require reversing into the parking area orout onto swiss road with a limited view of the pavement and road which is unsafe for bothpedestrians and road users.

The proposed bin store is also out of character with the surrounding area.

The neighbouring houses will also suffer loss of privacy and excessive noise particularly in theirgardens both during development and once the properties are in use.

on 2021-12-20   OBJECT

I am a retired police officer. I served with the Avon and Somerset Constabulary for over29 years. I have lived in Ashton for over 38 years. I visit and travel through Swiss Road on afrequent basis. I am acutely aware of the proposed application site. Further to my two previousobjections I am once again writing to object.

Access/safety/congestionSwiss Road is a busy road going to and from the South Liberty Lane Industrial Estate and theSouth Bristol Ring Road. It is heavily used by trade vehicles including HGV's. The level of traffic islikely to increase further with the introduction of the 'CAZ' as Swiss Road will be used to avoid thepart of Winterstoke Road that will be within the 'CAZ' (depending on which version isimplemented). Vehicles are always parked either side of Swiss Road making it a single lanecarriageway. This often causes traffic to congest/back up to the corner of Swiss Drive. Visibility isoften poor when turning into Swiss Road from Swiss Drive. The situation is much worse whenBristol City/Bristol Bears are playing at Ashton Gate as the area is used heavily for match dayparking.

To introduce a single width entrance will create a 'canyon' between 23 and 23A Swiss Road withextremely poor visibility splay and no room for vehicles to pass each other will be dangerous forpedestrians. Six vehicles and further associated vehicles attempting to turn into and out of the siteand onto Swiss Road will also likely lead to both pedestrian and vehicle collisions within the siteentrance and on Swiss Road. Should vehicles collide within the entrance there is a real risk of firemaking 23 and 23A vulnerable. Also 23 has plastic guttering along the entrance wall. Surely thiswill make it a hazard/fire risk and be vulnerable to high sided delivery vehicles etc. Noconsideration has been given to this.

Wildlife habitat/Environment

I understand that the above-mentioned gardens/land IS home to a variety of wildlife (someprotected). I strongly object to loss of wildlife habitat. I personally have rescued many underweighthedgehogs this autumn in Ashton and Ashton Vale including Risdale Road. I know that the largegardens flanking the proposed site are home to hedgehogs and slow worms. This habitat shouldbe protected as it serves as a wildlife corridor for Ashton Vale.

Air quality/pollutionFurthermore, I find it quite strange that with the need to introduce a 'CAZ' that applications such asthis (which will see three large gardens concreted over and parking for six cars) are even givenconsideration.

I once again strongly oppose this application.

Phillip Hutchings