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Council BCC
Reference 23/01212/P
Address Keynsham Garden Centre Bath Road Brislington Bristol BS31 2AD  
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Ward Brislington West
Proposal Application for Outline Planning Permission with some matters reserved - for the demolition of existing buildings, removal of surface parking, and erection of buildings to accommodate 4,765 sq.m of commercial buildings (flexible Use Class E/B2/B8) with associated bins and bike stores. Associated hard and soft landscaping. Vehicular access from the A4 Bath Road. Approval sought for the matters of Access.
Validated 27-04-23
Type Outline Planning
Status Pending consideration
Standard Consultation Expiry 12-12-23
Determination Deadline 27-07-23
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BTF response: OBJECT

Recommendation submitted 15-05-23

Public Comments


Dear Development Management,

We note that the following documents have not been published:1. Ecological evidence.2. Biodiversity net gain evidence.The arboricultural evidence is based on a survey undertaken in March 2020, so is morethan three years out of date - the trees will have grown since then and their conditionmay have changed. The report also fails to comply with the requirements ofBS5837:2012:o There is no topographical survey.o There is no soil assessment.o There is no reference to the fact that many of the trees on the site are protectedby a TPO.Also, no BTRS calculation has been provided to enable compliance with DM17.

Given that these are prerequisites before this application can be validated - PlanningApplication Requirements Local List May 2022 - how is it that the application wasallowed to proceed?


Not Available    on 2023-06-26   OBJECT

The ruin of green belt is apparently rife in BCC.We have loads of brown field sites on Brislington trading estate that are empty,I'm sure anyrequirements regarding the application could be accommodated there. The area needs its greenspaces due to the amount of traffic already using the A4 ,with existing planning already set toincrease pollution in the area i find this proposal hypocritical and offensive to the tax payers ofBrislington and nearby areas regarding Bristols so say clean air and green policies.

Not Available    on 2023-06-26  

I find this proposal ridiculous due to the already empty properties at Brislington tradingestate.I'm positive that the empty properties could engulf the plans proposed.Brislington residents have already had to put up with existing plans in the area with removal ofgreen spaces adding more pollution with increased traffic into the area.Any further encroachment or removal of the green belt make Bristol City council hypocriticalregarding their policies of green areas and clear air zones and I strongly object to more losses togreen spaces the Brislington and other areas of Bristol

Not Available    on 2023-05-15   OBJECT

I object strongly to the building on Brislington green belt land. The owners of thewyevale site have blatantly disregarded the planning laws in regard to felling trees without relevantpermission and clearing the land before consent had been given. In Brislington we have manybrown sites that are unused and a complete eye sore where buildings have been left empty. Whybuild new ones on green belt when these could be reused easily. I am sick of our fields and wildlifebeing destroyed to satisfy the greed of these developers.

Not Available    on 2023-05-14   OBJECT

In the absence of any evidence about Biodiversity Net Gain from the applicant, we havebeen obliged to prepare our own, interim calculation:

This is based on our analysis of the now out of date 12 March 2020 tree survey:

Here is our interim BNG 4.0 calculation:

As far as we can establish at this stage, these proposals will result in a net loss of at least 31.02%of biodiversity. This figure is probably an underestimation.

We reserve the right to amend these reports when more evidence is available.

Not Available    on 2023-05-13   OBJECT

This green field site area is a significant nature lane between stockwood open spaceand the wider green belt.There appears to be little business case to generate more business units considering the state ofdereliction on the brislington trading estate.The traffic here is already a problem throughout rush hour.I would support a change of use for the existing buildings but new ones appear to be for pursuit ofindividual profit to the detriment not benefit of the local area.

Not Available    on 2023-05-12   OBJECT

As an allotment holder next door,I'm greatly disturbed by what has been going on inthere. They have ignored all protocol when it comes to getting any planning permission that hasn'tsuited them and not corrected anything they've been told to do. If this gets approved it will bedownward spiral for the environment, wildlife and us. Which they have already greatly destroyedand ruined. I wish the council would put an end to this company's blatant disregard for anythingthat doesn't suit or profit them. It's outrageous what they've got away with so far

Not Available    on 2023-05-12   OBJECT

This land should be treated as suitable for its green belt status. The land should bebrought back to its previous use and woodland reinstated.