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Council BCC
Reference 23/01288/VP
Address Sheep Wood & Land To Rear Of Oakhill Mansions College Park Drive Bristol BS10 7QD  
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Sitecode LGS33004
Ward Westbury-on-Trym and Henleaze
Proposal T36 - Sycamore - Fell. T122 - Sycamore - Fell. T124 - Beech - Fell. T125 - Robinia - Fell. T126 - Ash - Fell. (TPO 1091/R)
Validated '23-04-11
Type Tree Preservation Order
Status Decided
Determination Deadline '23-06-05
Decision GRANTED subject to condition(s)
Decision Issued '23-06-29
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Public Comments

on 2023-06-01   OBJECT

The South Gloucestershire/North Bristol district of CPRE Avon and Bristol is concernedat the steady removal of trees in the Sheep Wood Ancient Woodland since 2016 without anyapparent management plan having been produced.As the Woodland Trust states ( Ancient Woodland Restoration, Jan 2020). "Ancient woods arecomplex and irreplaceable ecosystems. Where damaged, they require positive restorationmanagement".Forestry Commission guidelines for Ancient Woodland do not appear to have been followed in thepast. Sheep Wood is one of very few Ancient Woodlands within Bristol's boundaries so it is vitalthat best practice is followed in order to ensure that this wood and its important ecosystemcontinues to flourish.We are not satisfied that the application as it stands will not cause some harm to the woodland.Additionally further clarification of the application is needed.It is not clear from the application which of the trees proposed for felling are within the AncientWoodland and which are protected by the TPO.We are concerned that in parts the application appears to conflict with the Arboricultural Report.For example, what is the actual number of trees which the applicant intends to fell now or in thefuture ? There is no mention of some trees which are recommended for felling in the Report. Willthose proposed for felling be replaced?Why have they chosen to propose felling beech T124 and robinia T125 when the report states thatit is feasible to reduce the height and retain as an ecological resource?Whatever the decision on this application we would like to see a recommendation that theapplicant liaises with the Woodland Trust who offer advice and training to private owners ofAncient Woodland in need of restoration.

on 2023-04-18   OBJECT

This application is to fell 5 trees in Sheep Wood, nearly all of which is an AncientWoodland. It is all in a Conservation Area, and all the trees (nearly all of the Wood, and certainlyall the trees in question) are protected by a Canopy TPO - No. 1091/R.Gradually this Ancient Woodland is being felled, and not always - despite the TPO - is there arequirement to replace the tree(s) lost.16/05597 - requirement to replace17/05842 - requirement to replace18/03212 - (? /VC in error as T9 within TPO 901/R canopy map) - no requirement to replace18/03825 - no requirement to replace20/04338 - no requirement to replace21/02989 - no requirement to replace21/05679 - requirement to replace21/06276 - no requirement to replaceThus in the 8 fellings in the past 7 years there have been only 3 requirements to replace the treeslost.I quote from the reports when there has been a requirement: "However, when a tree is removedunder this legislation, there is a duty on the owner of the land, under Sections 206 and 211 of theTown and Country Planning Act 1990, to plant another tree, of an appropriate size and species, atthe same place as the tree to be felled, as soon as it is reasonably possible. The new tree willhave the same legal protection as the tree it replaced. In some circumstances, it may not beappropriate to replace the tree and therefore the Local Planning Authority has the power todispense with this duty. In this instance, a replacement tree is required within the grounds of theproperty. Please use the attached form to inform us of the replacement with photographicevidence."

I note in the Arboricultural report the recommendations are that felling (or reduction to monolith) isrecommended for 12 trees. This Application is for 5 trees. There is no comment available as to theproposed fate of the remaining 7 trees. (Tree No 123 is a group of 3 Elms). (By the way, where isRidgeway Gardens? Nowhere near Sheep Wood. There is one in Whitchurch.)

Most of Sheep Wood is designated as an Ancient Wood by Natural England, and as such treesshould not be removed unless there are wholly exceptional reasons. T 126 and T 36 are in AncientWoodland. T122 probably is. T125 and T124 may not be, but they are protected by the TPO.

Dealing with Ancient Woodland properly is not just another tree management problem. It shouldbe proactive management, identifying trees that may become Veterans for example, and planningand preparing for that, rather than just waiting until the trees die and then (allegedly) requirefelling. Trees should only be felled if they pose a risk to public safety. That is the managementsuggested for Ash die-back even when the affected trees are not in an Ancient Woodland.

Forestry Commission recommendations for the management of Ancient Woodland is as follows:"32. Tree safety and surgery: Tree surgery may be required to ensure trees are safe, but shouldbe matched to the level of risk. Wherever possible such trees should not simply be felled. Treesurgery may also be highly desirable to increase the stability and longevity of vulnerable veterantrees, particularly where successors are not abundant. Work should be phased to avoid treating allthe trees at one time.33. Successors: Trees with potential to become the veteran trees of the future should be identified,and conserved. Some tree surgery or even pollarding can be desirable to help develop appropriatecrowns. This allows associated flora and fauna to move between trees, and also reduces the risksof drought or storm affecting all the trees.34. Deadwood: The most important principle is not to fell any dead or dying trees unlessabsolutely necessary. Once wood has fallen, or been felled, it should generally be left lyingsomewhere convenient under the tree canopy. However, there are situations where priorityspecies need deadwood located in rather precise situations to ensure the right micro-climate, andin these cases specialist advice should be taken."

For re-stocking following tree loss the Forestry Commission recommends both practices ofallowing natural regeneration and supplementary planting. We have seen more allowances forregeneration in this Woodland in recent years, and we ask for some supplementary planting to beconditioned please - especially as we read, in the Arboricultural Report accompanying thisApplication, that more loss is to come.

In summary our comments are thus:Please only permit felling and/or reduction to monolith for public safety reasons.Please condition replacement of the trees that are dead/dying as there is more loss to come andthe more recent losses have not been replaced.

Is the AO able to reassure us that an oak tree has indeed been planted as conditioned in21/05679/VP

With thanks.