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Council BCC
Reference 23/02896/VP
Address 8-10 Station Road Shirehampton Bristol BS11 9TT  
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Ward Avonmouth and Lawrence Weston
Proposal T01 - Beech - Fell (TPO 1421).
Validated 24-07-23
Type Tree Preservation Order
Status Decided
Neighbour Consultation Expiry 10-08-23
Determination Deadline 17-09-23
Decision REFUSED
Decision Issued 14-09-23
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BTF response: OBJECT

Public Comments

on 2023-08-16   OBJECT

I object to this application on the grounds that the tree is protected, and for goodreason. It is a lovely native beech that adds character to the area and if given the chance, willmature into a valuable natural asset.

on 2023-08-09   OBJECT

Dear Sirs,I wish to object to the above application by the developer of 10-12 Station Road,Shirehampton - to fell a young, beautiful and protected beech tree by LEGAL means.The developer shows a complete disregard for the local natural environment asevidenced by the disgusting, untidy state that he has let the site degenerate to. Thisunsympathetic request is al-of-a-piece with that attitude.Yours truly,

on 2023-08-08   OBJECT

This Application 23/02896/VP is yet another attempt by the Developer to overturn theconsidered decisions that professional people have made regarding this site and in particular on aprotected Beech TreeThey illegally stripped the site of all trees and vegetation without regard to nesting birds. Being in aConservation area permission was required before any works should have been carried out. TheDevelopers knew this was in a Conservation Area as a request was submitted for the AvonwoodClose side of the site only? At this point there was a considered decision to place a TPO on theBeech Tree.Since this time the Developers persist in declaring the site as not being in a Conservation Areaand confuse matters by calling the Close by the wrong name?Unfortunately, the whole site was decimated starting with the Woodwell Road side, where noapplication had been made. The 1st time Residents were made aware of what was happening waswhen the shrieks of panic from the nesting birds could be heard. Residents stopped any furtherdamage being done and just about managed to save the protected Tree.The Owners of the land and their Agents have made it clear that they wish to remove this lastprotected Beech Tree as it interferes with their plans to have the access to the site via AvonwoodClose. This access is strongly opposed by the Residents of Avonwood Close and the village atlargeThe Bristol Tree Forum wrote a detailed report about this site and in particular the status andcondition of this protected Beech and Shirehampton Planning Group concur to their specialistknowledge and that of the Officer who made the decision to place a TPO on what is now the lastremaining Tree on this site.Our decision to Object to this Application is furthered by the Developers reason to remove this treeis solely based on it being in the way of their Development plans for Applications that have not yetbeen decided by the Planning Department and may be totally unnecessary?

on 2023-08-08   OBJECT

Dear Mr Luck

With regards to the following


I wish to strongly oppose to this application on the grounds that the tree in question iscovered by a tree preservation order, and I am sure that that means just that, the tree iscovered by a tree preservation order which means surely that this beech tree isprotected thus meaning that this beech tree is of a particular value to the localcommunity, this beech tree and the OTHER TREES which were felled WITHOUTplanning permission (which to date have still not been REPLACED), gave AvonwoodClose many benefits it reduced noise pollution, they also create, and created essentialwildlife habitats giving shelter and nesting to birds.

I hope that you can see the significance of having such trees placed under theprotection order and there for make the correct decision and leave the beech tree as isand also replace the trees that were originally felled.

on 2023-08-08   OBJECT

Further objections from Members of Shirehampton Planning Group

Shirehampton Planning Group most strongly objects to this application to fell the protected (TPO1421) Beech Tree at 8-10 Station Road, Shirehampton on the following grounds:

This perfectly healthy mature tree is in the Shirehampton Conservation Area and is aestheticallybeautiful and environmentally important for birds and wildlife in the area

It is the last remaining tree on the site after the wanted and unlawful destruction of all other treeson the site by the developer

What's the point of having a TPO granted, when the developer can just apply to have it removedjust because it gets in the way of their potential development - which has not been approved - sopotentially felling this tree would be pointless

on 2023-08-06   OBJECT

We strongly object to the felling of this perfectly healthy tree . we have watched thislovely tree mature for 39 years since we lived in Avonwood Close . Every morning we open ourcurtains to see the healthy specimen full of bird activity . We also missed to the opportunity toobject to the crowning of 3 meters off the top which would of been horrific ! Not forgetting thedevastation this landowner has already carried out on all the other trees on the site .

on 2023-08-06   OBJECT

We strongly object to the felling of a perfect healthy Beech tree , its always full of birdactivity . We are still devastated by the destruction of all the other trees within this site . We cansee this tree from our garden and love to see it all year round . The previous application to crown itby 3m was bad enough , not content with that the greedy destructive landowners want to destroy aperfectly healthy tree that gives surrounding neighbours so much joy to see out of their windows.Being in a conservation area , we need to fight all we can for future generations to enjoy thewildlife , and watch these lovely trees change throughout the different seasons , its good foreveryone's mental health . Therefore its a STRONG OBJECTION FROM US !

on 2023-08-06   OBJECT

I strongly object to this worthless application. Not only has the applicant made a falsestatement, in that this last remaining tree on the site IS within the Conservation Area, but thereason given for the proposed action is not supported by any valid arguements or details.There are outstanding applications for development of this site, and no decision should be takenon the future of this tree until after those applications have been deteermined.I fully support the objection made by the Bristol Tree Forum and consider the TPO was correctlymade.

on 2023-08-03   OBJECT

I strongly object to the removal of the beautiful Beech tree. The developers havealready unlawfully removed other trees from the site, now they have their sights set on the lastremaining one. Replanting a few bushes on a new development may bluff the council but it doesn'treplace trees which have taken a number of years to grow and given home to many birds andinsect life. As a protected tree with a preservation order on, an application to fell the last remainingtree on the site should be rejected by Bristol City Council.

on 2023-08-02   OBJECT

I thought the idea of a T.P.O. Was to preserve the tree as long as it was in good shape,if this can be overturned for no good reason what's the point of having the T.PO. In the first place.This tree is a fine specimen and should remain on this site there were a number of trees that werefelled this is the only remaining tree and in the time of climate change it should be saved.

on 2023-08-01   OBJECT

This company have already illegally felled many trees in the nurseries and nothing hasbeen done by Bristol City Council, and now they want to fell a tree with a preservation order - in aconservation area. The amount of different planning applications put in by this company toeffectively try and obfuscate is obvious - they will probably keep trying and hope no-one has theenergy left at some point to fight. The council are not bothering to hold them to account for any ofit: their illegal tree felling, the fact that they are allowing the school building to be vandalised andburgled, the greenhouses being destroyed, the dire state of the site, etc.. Why is this companybeing allowed to do any of this? Who is going to be held accountable?

on 2023-08-01   OBJECT

This is a further attempt by a Developer to rid himself of an inconvenient tree.

Bristol has planning policies to retain important trees. Bristol's planning policy BCS9 (p.74 of theBristol Development Strategy Core Framework) states that "Individual green assets should beretained wherever possible and integrated into new development". Bristol Tree Forum interpretsthis as meaning that existing trees, especially where they are on the edge of the site, as is theBeech in question here, should be incorporated into development proposals.

This tree is in a Conservation Area (in contrast to the wrong answer in the application form). Thisaffords it some protection, but not a lot. It does mean that it has to be considered on its meritsshould anyone want to fell it. The only way a tree in a Conservation Area can be saved is to makeit the subject of a Tree Protection Order (TPO).This tree does have a TPO. It was awarded it at the end of Application 21/00345/VC, one of theearlier attempts to be rid of it. The period for appealing against the making of a TPO has expired.The Applicant has decided that the tree does not merit its TPO. I have to say I prefer theprofessional opinion of the qualified Arboricultural Officer (AO) who put it forward for the Order,rather than a Developer, whom I know is keen to be rid of it.It is worth looking at the TEMPO form published with the decision in Application 21/00345/VC.There are several criteria for the point scoring, and it is a "cascade" questionnaire, so a thresholdfrom one section must be passed before the scoring can progress. The tree scored 16 points,which means it definitely merited a TPO.The awarding of a TPO does not depend alone on the appearance of the tree. It is multi-factorial.Hence the scoring system.In his scoring the AO agreed that the tree's "form" was indifferent, but it scored so highly in all theother factors taken into account that it nevertheless deserved a TPO.

There has been another attempt to attack this tree between the award of the TPO and this currentapplication - Application 23/00367/VC. The Applicant wanted to reduce the crown dramatically inorder to clear telephone cables running through the canopy.That application, by using the plural, suggested that there was more than one telephone cable. Infact there was just the one. The AO wrote "The Beech is an early mature specimen located on theeastern boundary of the site that provides a significant visual amenity locally. It is the only tree ofsignificance visible on Avonwood Close and therefore an important amenity feature which isprotected by TPO 1421. The proposed works have been specified to clear telephone cablesrunning through the trees canopy. Only one telephone cable is present, and it is the statutoryundertakers responsibility to maintain their apparatus. A 3m reduction of the trees canopy isconsidered excessive and will have a detrimental impact on the character and appearance of thispart of the conservation area and the Tree Preservation Order status of the tree."The AO was clearly mindful of the risk of further spoiling the form of the tree if the amount of workrequested by the applicant had been permitted. He considered the work excessive and harmfuland refused the application.There are other development applications pertaining to this site outstanding. These should bedetermined before consideration is given to the future of this tree.In accordance with existing planning policies (see para 1 of this objection) the tree should beretained and the footprint of any proposed new buildings should be of such a size and position thatthe tree can be retained and become part of the amenity of the new development, and remain aspart of the amenity of Avonwood Close. And, of course, continuing to contribute to theenvironment.Please refuse this further application to fell this tree for no other reason that it is in the way.

on 2023-07-31   OBJECT

The Beech tree in question is subject to a preservation order. The developers havealready removed many trees and much flora from the site with no intention of offsetting,remediating or mitigating the loss to the environment or biodiversity in any way. This order must beobserved for the sake of the environment, local amenities and aesthetics. The application is onceagain based on greed and avarice with no regard for the wishes and feeling of local residents, andno regard for the conservation status of the area or for local biodiversity.I reject this application for the destruction of a mature and established tree.

on 2023-07-31   OBJECT

The Bristol Tree Forum objects to this application for the following reasons:

1. The tree is protected with a TPO - TPO1421. Application form 'Application for Tree Works:Works to Trees Subject to a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) and/or Notification of Proposed Worksto Trees in a Conservation Area Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended)' states that'your application MUST be accompanied by the necessary evidence to support your proposals.'No such evidence has been presented to justify its removal as the applicant is obliged to do.

2. The tree is part of a Conservation area and is integral to the reasons why the area is protected.If the tree did not already have a TPO, its prominence and amenity value would justify one beinggranted.

3. The only reason given is that the 'tree as considered not worthy TPO and to allow developmentof the site.' This is not sufficient justification.

4. The site and the tree are subject to two pending applications - 22/05967/F & 23/00151/F - so itwould be improper to allow this application whilst a decision on these applications is outstanding,especially given that the application expressly states that it is 'to allow development of the site.'Any decision about the removal of this last remaining tree should be made as and when theseapplications come to be decided.

on 2023-07-29   OBJECT

I object to this as tree is in a conservation area and is good for the environment andwildlife

on 2023-07-28   OBJECT


Please will you read all the reports from the Bristol Tree ForumThis is a Protected Beech Tree

There is an Enforcement out to this Company for Unlawfully carrying out works withoutpermission.The Only reason the Developers Horizon/Shirehampton Land want this Tree Removed is to useAvonwood Close as an entrance to their Develi

on 2023-07-28   OBJECT

My previous Objection Comment got submitted in error due to urgent interuptions

The ONLY reason the Developers want this Protected Tree removed is so they can build theirDevelopments in the small, quiet Cul de Sac of Avonwood Close.Residents in the Close and the larger area of the Village of Shirehampton Object to this moststrongly as it will be detrimental to our village and cause major traffic issues into the village as wellas noise & parking issues to the Residents of the Close

Despite losing their Appeal on their 1st Application they have made new submissions on their 2nd(duplicate) Application despite BCC recommendations they should raise a new application? Suchis their cheek to say it is to allow BCC Planners 'time to consider their options' ??

We are very concerned about the site which has been left open to vandalism & arson

I Object most strongly to this Application

on 2023-07-28   OBJECT

I'm extremely annoyed and upset to see this application as the tree in question has apreservation order.. if this is allowed it makes a mockery of preservation orders etc., even more soin the era of climate change we need trees and even more trees to help combat pollution etc in thearea

on 2023-07-28   OBJECT

Absolutely disgusted that their are still plans to remove this PROTECTED Beech tree.We strongly OBJECT to this tree being removed due to its PROTECTED status - there is no pointin protecting anything if people are able to come along and apply to have them removed with theintent of building properties in order to make money.The previous row of trees were all felled without permission and that was a disgrace if thisPROTECTED tree goes the same way as the rest of them then shame on you Bristol City Council.The residents of Avonwood Close are fed up with the constant round of planning application's forthis piece of land - build something in keeping with the conservation area it lies within but makethe entrance on Woodwell Road, it's not rocket science is!!!!!!!!!